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Thread: Chapter 2 Mechanisms of Solution

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    Default Chapter 2 Mechanisms of Solution

    Greetings on a hot, humid overcast morning in the Bayou State of Louisiana!

    I'm a big believer in the first = last or Alpha = Omega as being the underlying method of solution, and this is how I can see Chapter 2 shaping up.

    The clues first separate the letters into two groups in a method similar to Chapter 1. You discover the mechanism for ten letters leaving the other ten letters, the letters that are 'missing' to be ordered as well.

    The last word of the ex-wives' chapter triggers the mechanism: FIRST.

    It's a hint to look at the first word of the chapter: WE.

    You're supposed to figure out that means WEST/EAST, or left/right.

    Let's leave that alone for a second and hop to the two brothers. Their first = last comes from the locations of their treasure hunt:

    1. The Grill
    2. Shorebird Park
    3. Indian Rock
    4. The Grill

    The Greek letters associated with The Grill are telling you that you're looking at a clue for the Alpha and Omega keys. The first half was an ANAGRAM and the second half is READ IN ORDER.

    We don't need to wait on his Facebook clues to solve this.


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    I haven't had much time to work on this lately--I did some preliminary work several weeks ago I wanted to pass along hopefully to spark some lightbulbs in others.

    What I think is right:

    1. I think the original Invisible Ink clue is still valid, and that was supposed to be all we needed to solve a chapter. Alpha = Omega.

    The two brothers' chapter describes a Greek letter puzzle: Eta theta gamma....alpha. There is a distinct first and last part of the puzzle: The first part is an anagram and last past is 'spelled out'.

    This concept was reiterated in two of the latest facebook clues: The anagram followed by a message that was 'spelled out'.

    I'm thinking the alpha key is an anagram, and the omega key will be something 'spelled out'.

    2. First = last. The last word of the three ex-wives' chapter is 'FIRST' and the first word is 'WE'. I recognized this being an iteration of West/east early on, and that appears to have been borne up by the Facebook clues with their emphasis on east/west.

    What I think I did wrong:

    I really like this answer, but I don't think this is correct anymore.

    1. WE = US

    I recognized this as being two separate clues, and I thought one way got the anagram and other way was an iteration of being 'spelled out'.

    a. It's a version of West/east--United States
    b. It's a version of NSEW (U = up)

    The key is the author of the Baconian cipher poem: TENNYSON. I like that because of the 'first ten' that's part of it.

    The first line of the three ex-wives chapter is 'We went to help a friend....' I already made the connection between the 'WE' and 'first', but I thought WENT might be a part of it as well:

    T WENT Y. It has that east/west thing going on with it, and it would be a hint for the 'twenty'.

    2. WE = US: West/east 'United States'. Namely, state abbreviations. The T WENT Y would give me the starting and ending letters of the chain.


    These would represent the 'twenty'. The first=last letters: N M S C O R I A K.


    I liked how it corresponds to TEN NY SON, or a version of 'ten state numbers'. The anagram would be missing the 'ten'.

    3. WE = US: An iteration of NSEW

    We would use TENNYSON and use a telephone keypad to just 'spell out' a version of TENNYSON.

    TEN = 19 37 (it's making an X on a telephone keypad)
    NY = NEW YORK = North East West, Y OR K. (Y = 25 or '5 square' and 'K' appears on the 5 key on the keypad. 'Y OR K' = 5 square or the middle)
    SON = Abbreviation for 'south number'

    So, a way of using Tennyson on a keypad would be 1 9 3 7 2 6 4 5 8. I simply ordered the leftover letters accordingly.

    This also has a missing '10' in it as well.

    As I originally stated, I don't think this is even close to being correct any more, but I hope it might spark an idea or two for others.


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    TENNYSON also stands for TEN NY SON. I'll give you one guess where Humphrey Bogart was born. "Here's eyeballing at female sheep, baby goat."

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