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Thread: Invisible Ink

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    Default Invisible Ink

    Greetings one & all...

    Just wanted to start a group about Invisible Ink because I didn't want to invade on another thread asking about this subject.

    Does anyone know if the Invisible Ink has a different answer for each chapter, or is it for all chapters? I was answering questions on C8 & decided to go to tools & try Invisible Ink. I found an answer that pertains to all chapters.

    Also, is there more than 1 answer per session of using Invisible Ink? I received the statement on the 5th color try & wondered if I went on to other colors, if there would be another statement.

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    invisible ink is the clue i most avoid. i have never gotten it in under 100 tries. i have inadverdantly double-clicked outside the box on several occasions resulting in go-back-to-square-one. my experience has been the ii clue was always the same until it changed after ch1 one had been solved. consider yourself extremely lucky to have hit on less than 10 tries. i am so jealous!

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    From my experience:

    - Invisible Ink refers to current chapter he is releasing clues for - currently that is Chapter 2
    - Same clue no matter how many times you try or when during the day you try
    - IF there are multiple clues, they will be found on different days - i.e. they rotate

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