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Thread: So is anyone working on any other chapters?

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    Default So is anyone working on any other chapters?

    As fun as it is to sit around and wait for a stream of increasingly specific clues to solve a chapter, I *badly* want to solve a chapter how it was originally intended to be solved. No extra clues.

    Has anyone else been working on any other chapters than 2?

    I have been working on one of the late chapters for over a year now, and think that I've been close for some time. It has however been difficult knowing whether I'm specifically on the right track or not having no keys, even though the method seems to be sound.

    Also have some basic thoughts about chapter 3, although I haven't moved to extracting actual sequences from that yet.

    Something interesting happens when you work on more than one chapter... you start to notice some patterns in how Ron presents stuff, and how certain things appear to have meaning across chapters.

    Slowly discovering secrets...

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    I completely agree with you Lobster. I have worked on Ch3 and Ch12 but it has been a little while since I submitted a map submission for either.

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