Lady Lobster and I have a spot open on our "Puzzle Pursuit" team, a one day yearly event taking place on Saturday Sep 8th here in San Diego.

It is a game that combines puzzle solving with amazing-race type activities in the San Diego area. Lots of word play, basic cipher cracking, message hiding, and physical puzzle challenges. i.e. find a statue in a park, then use text on the statue to break a cipher, then go somewhere else, create something out of a paperclip, piece of string, and tin foil to do something else, etc.

Each team is 2-4 members, and one of our members can't make it this year, so we have a spot open. We play in the "challenge" division, which means you have to work everything out yourselves.

Details are at: Puzzle Pursuit Home

If you'd like to join us, drop me a private message!