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Thread: Immigration Theory

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    Default Immigration Theory

    Quite some time ago a fellow hunter named Cat came up with the idea that the cities the casques were buried in may be immigration ports since the beginning of the book tells the story of the Fair Folks travels to the U.S.A. Just thought I would mention this on these boards for those of you not familiar with the Q4T boards. Here is what I posted over there.

    Thought I would do a little research on the immigration patterns in relationship to our Ps. Here is some initial findings:

    P1 - Cathay = Asia.... * Angel Island (San Francisco) was known as "The Ellis Island of the West" & "China Cove"
    --------- Fits Perfectly w/ our theories for this P.

    P2 - Africa.... * Sullivan’s Island, a tiny quarantine station in Charleston harbor, became the Ellis Island of black America. Thousands of slaves taken from Africa and shipped to America landed here between 1619 and 1808.
    ----------Fits Perfectly w/ our theories.

    P3 - England... * In 1607 James I granted permission for a group of merchants to establish a permanent English settlement in America at Jamestown, Virginia. (Roanoke VA???) also in 1620 one hundred and two people boarded the Mayflower in Delft Harbour and after crossing the Atlantic settled at a place they called Plymouth in Massachusetts Bay. (Boston???)
    ----------These English seemed to settle everywhere....hard one to pin down.

    P4 - Hellas = Greek... * There was little Greek emigration in the 19th century but this changed in the 20th century. Many of the Greeks ended up in NY, Chicago, Detroit, Boston & St. Louis. NO mention of Cleveland (hmmm?)...
    --------- casque was found in Greek Cultural Gardens, Cleveland

    P5 - Celtic ... * Irish occupation of Chicago is well known. Here is long article: http://www.lib.niu.edu/ipo/1999/iht629912.html

    P6 - Hadas of Iberia = Spain... * In 1513 the Spanish explorer, Ponce De Leon discovered Florida. St. Augustine, Florida, founded by Pedro Merendez in 1565, was the first permanent settlement established by Europeans in what is now the United States.
    ---------Fits perfectly

    P7 - Fays of France..... * The French, like the English, were all over the place. In 1608 the explorer, Samuel de Champlain, founded the first permanent French colony at Quebec. He also explored the area that is now northern New York State. Robert Cavalier de LaSalle who sailed down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico and claimed the entire territory for France. He named the territory Louisiana in honor of King Louis XIV. New Orleans, founded in 1718, became a busy seaport and trading centre.
    --------- Fits nicely. N.O. is known for French Qtrs and the city was named by Phillipe, Duc d'Orleans.

    P8 - Araby = The country of Arabia. [Archaic & Poetic].... * hard to pinpoint. Many Arab immigrants settled in cities of the northeastern US - New York, Boston, Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland...but Houston has the fifth-largest population of Arab descent of any city in the United States and Houston has one of the more settled Arab communities.
    ---------hard to pinpoint w/ certainty this P w/ Houston

    P9 - Lowlands = The Scots.... * Most Scots emigrated to Canada. The connection between Scotland and Canada goes back more than 300 years to the 17th century. Scotland established one of the earliest colonies in Canada when Sir William Alexander was granted a charter for Nova Scotia in 1621.
    ----------hmmmm, Maybe we should be focussing on Canada with this P.

    P10 - Germans.... * A large number of Germans were drawn to Milwaukee. Milwaukee is home to the largest German Fest in the United States. Milwaukee's nickname is the German Athens. During the later part of the 19th century, the German immigrant community was about 1/3 of Milwaukee’s population.
    ------------Looks Perfect fit to me.

    P11 - Italy.... * There was little Italian emigration to the United States before 1870. From 1890 to 1900, 655,888 arrived in the United States, of whom two-thirds were men. Most Italians found unskilled work in America's cities. There were large colonies in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit. Another list....but look, it contains BALTIMORE...
    ------------Is this our Baltimore P? They do have their famous district of Little Italy.

    P12 - Russians..... * Research suggests that over half settled in New York and Pennsylvania. Large numbers of Russians settled in the Lower East Side of New York. http://www.chosenpeople.com/docs/GB/...migration.html "By 1920 there were 1,650,000—almost one third of the city’s population."
    ----------------Looks cut and dry to me.

    and to think, much of this immigration making U.S. who we are today was a result of evil kings.

    .........time to add a DAR ring to my collection.........

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    WOW!!!! Thanks, Fox....you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for all your hard work and iformation. Vitta

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    That's quite a lot of work! Nice job, Fox!

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