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Thread: My introduction

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    Default My introduction

    Hello everyone,
    I purchased the book The Secret when it was first published after seeing an interview on TV. I was wrapped in in trying to figure out the locations ( like everyone else). I even made up a new character for Book 2 but never saw the book.
    Well I have wondered through the years if the treasures were ever found. Recently while cleaning the garage I rediscovered my book and my interest. Now I have found this site, I have tried to register for Q4 but I get the messege registration is disabled.
    Anyway my name is Bruce, I live in Northern Calif about 50 miles from San Francisco and I would like to take part in the search in what ever way I can.

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    welcome Bruce! Let the digging commence!

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    Welcome, Bruce. There are several of us over on the Q4T forum in the Northern California area. (I myself am 50 miles south of SF) I can email the forum admin to get your registration approved. Send me a private message here or use my contact links to email me your details. (Oh heck, i don't see my own contact details posted in my profile. I'll try to remember to check my inbox here this weekend) AIM: catwood76

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