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Thread: my two cents

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    Default my two cents

    i just wanted to get my two cents out there regarding the poem. i'll be a bit cryptic for now, just really giving ya'll something to chew on until the final word on the status of the hunt comes out.

    "look inside yourself to see, a code for infinity"

    a code for infinity is something representative of the word as such. time is infinite, true love is infinite, essentially anything without a beginning and without an end is indeed infinite. when you boil it down anything representing or coding for infinity must be without a beginning and end. as told to us in the BOS, we must 'be ye bok.' taking this to heart, looking inside ourselves in this context would be looking inside the book. in the story it is said that it takes place at an unknown time in either the past or future. but really, how can this story be without a beginning and an end? my idea is a long shot... but it is very possible. if the hunt is cancelled permanently i'll elaborate further...


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    Nice Post...........
    Work like you don't need the money
    Love like you've never been hurt
    Dance like no one is watching

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    i'm not sure how to start a new thread so i thought i'd post under "my two cents" ...
    i'm gonna tell one of my findings that probably had nothing to do with anything, but i loved the idea that something might be in the text and not in some tiny tiny little bitty miniscule art dot, lol.
    remember how (especially supratbo) wasn't convinced that the last block said "a code for infinity"? i never was convinced either..
    i was hoping it said "a code for infinitives"........and "full" infinitives had to have the word "to" with a verb.........and i found there was only "3" chapters that had NO full infinitives, hehe
    i think they were chapters 7, 12 and 22.......my notes are in a box,
    did anyone else go this route? or am i totally whacko, lol
    sure miss you guys!

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    Hi Slappy,

    The infinitives theory sounds interesting and new.

    I'll have to look into it a little more.

    Good to see you thinking outside the box.

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    I am just confused, I cant post to anyone I know cause I am "new" lol

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    Default time to start controversy

    my long time theory of a solution left me with 5 sets of pages from the bos, comprising of all the pages of the BOS. this left me somewhat puzzled with what to do with them. needless to say i ripped out all of the pages of the BOS and left my book without an end. so, if infinity is without beginning and without end, i looked immediatey to the table of contents and ripped it out. what in the heck is he thinking you may be asking yourself? i got to thinking about how the other books like doth's in danger and such had clues in them. one of them came with a set of stickers, that you could place within your book. what if you could do the same with the table of contents? so i did the math and counted it up, there are FIVE groupings of characters represented in the book, and in the TOC. These five groupings are based on what journey's they took:

    The forest creatures
    DAR and the Darklings
    Zac, Pook, Booger
    The Fairies

    Counting all of these I found that the number was very very similar to how many pages I had in my five sets of pages from the BOS, and the numbers in each grouping of characters also corresponded to the number of pages.

    So I got to thinking, there must be a sort of 'key' for all this, telling me this is what to do, this is where to start, and this is why its right.

    So i looked for the ladybug, if it was in the TOC and this is the answer the ladybug would represent the grouping of creatures. needless to say the ladybug is NOT there, but it IS on page 31. the sun also is frowning on this page, unlike any other. And to solidify the moment of discovery, after cutting out the ladybug to put it in the BOS, I read the text on the back of what I cut out. So go read it now and see what I mean.

    Forgive the lack of page numbers on the following info but I don't have any of my books anymore:

    Supporting evidence:

    page 58ish, booger, zac and ana on the yorah picture with the morse phrase "you can't get there from here" while on the previous page it anagrams to 'avoid red herrings'. This page looks just like a page from a stciker book, zac, ana, and booger are way out of place, simply just stuck on the page.

    swirl and coalesce: the only way to swirl and coalesce any symbols would be to cut them out and sprwad them around. the sticker book fashion of this type of solution is also solidified greatly by the insane ammount of repeated pictures within the book, almost like they we're placed there afterwards.

    'a good beginning makes a good ending' - were taking the beginning pages and using them to alter the end pages.

    seek and ye shall find - we are looking for the places to put the 'stickers'

    there is a whole list but all my notes have been destroyed, but my ALL-TIME favorite:

    in the trailer he refers to everyone as 'the sleepers' that could not know they would be forced to leave the greate forest.

    in fact they did not have to leave the great forest, and the use of the word sleepers is very awkward. the meaning of sleeper in this context usually?

    "a spy or saboteur or terrorist planted in an enemy country who lives there as a law-abiding citizen until activated by a prearranged signal"

    essentially, they are lying in wait for the prearranged time when there use will become clearly apparant, at which point WE will force them to leave the greate forest.

    This is one half of a solution i put together that I may never know if its right due to the crazy lawsuit, just wanted to throw it out there and get comments.


    P.S. for those of you wondering, the five sets of pages were obtained from the book of shadows by following cyclical links between the pages of the BOS and the story. each one had a beginning point, and one to several end points. Each set is unique, no page belongs to any other set, and all pages are used. Each set of pages is obtained using the same method on a different element of what i've dubbed the starter page. each end point to a path has an element from this starter page, and these are once again unique, confirming the the paths were taken correctly. my solution initially used no elements of the english language, NO outside sources, only observation of patterns within the book. this seems very much to fit with what he's said about the story and solution.

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    wow. i really like this line of thought dude. alot of your claims make perfect sense, especially the swirling and the part about sleepers and needing to leave the greate forest in the prologue. i tried the bit about the ladybug though, and it just says heart beat and humm, which is a lot less convincing than you made it sound.

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