SOTAD and ATT in their Privacy Policy, which was available on the respective websites until recently, had an offer to send a SASE to their office with a check for $10 to receive the information the site(s) had collected about you.

I attempted to do this in person today, instead of by mail, and was told that ATT could not accept checks due to the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

Gametrover has a similar policy here:

one portion of the gametrover policy states: "The Company may transfer Personal Data to an affiliate or third party as part of a transfer of business assets. Such a transfer would be within the scope of this Policy so long as the affiliate or third party agrees to continue to maintain use and storage of Personal Data in accordance with this Policy."

Considering the situation, and regardless of who is in control of the website, I think this offer should remain in force. I believe the trustee might be responsible for these requests now. Has anyone had any luck in trying to obtain their personal information in this fashion, or previously?