He concentrated on the symbols and recited the spell~reading the old Hest symbols easily now, as if it were a children's book.

The he recited the the spell to summon the ring.

"Three syzygies will occur within a night, a day and the next night"

The three eclipses peak on pages, 21, 55 and 88 I think, someone can check me on this. and the mysterious 4th Zac creates with the Light Spell occurs on page 106.

i guess what I am thinking is this...

Zac somehow reads the symbols.. as if it were a children's book. How is that possible... Zac is more of a moron than I am.. "Dumb as Dirt"

So the question I have is this... could these 4 pages be a possible location to overlay the Ring Spells...???? is it reasonable logic?

and if so.. how would you attempt to align the spells with the pages? I can't really see a way to be sure of a solid justification mark on any of those pages.

anyway... as a side note... perhaps it is not a matter of overlaying the pages, but it may be more a fuctionof those 4 pages contain the secret of reading the Hest.... question is... how do you extract that information if it is indeed there?

any suggestions?
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