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Thread: Chant Spells

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    Default Chant Spells

    I have already posted some of this, but just wanted to share some notes about the chant spells and would really like some feedback.

    The chant spells are instructions to create a 4x4 grid. Reasons I think this.

    1. xy appears multiple times in the graphics on the pages.
    2. The graphic on page 7 is labeled fig 44
    3. This is really odd, but has anyone noticed that a different letter is used for the "big" letter on each of the spell pages? On page 7, it is B for betrappen, page 8 is D for descend, and page 9 is P for Purpose. If you use the numeric value of each letter, then you get, 2, 4, and 16. Is that a coincidence?
    Again, it seem to draw attention to 4x4.

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    Oops. Accidentally posted, lemme continue....

    another place where we might be converting letters to numbers is in the drawings on the pages. There are only two letters (other than xy) in the drawings, and those are h and a. The numeric values for those are 8 and 1. It would just so happen that a 4x4 grid (including the xy axis) would use 81 spaces.

    It stands to reason we will be using the alphabet to fill in the grid. The problem is we have way too many spaces to use, for a 26 letter alphabet. We would have to use them 3 times over, and would still have 3 spaces left over.

    The actual chants themselves explain how that is solved. With each alphabet, we need to arise, descend and crevasse.

    Crevasse - Put a space in the middle of the alphabet.
    Arise- Draw the alphabet upwards.
    Descend - Draw the alphabet downwards.

    So, you would start with A, go up, then down, then up until you end with Z, and then you do it again. There would be a space between m and n. You would need to arise twice per alphabet and descend once. The descent spell says it can be used "but once a moon". Using these instructions, you would come up with an XY grid like the one I attached.

    The interesting thing here is if you look at page 4 of the book of spells which is the page that describes the chant spells, look at how "We fixed book" is written. MS seems to have made an effort to make several of the letters look like X's. Also, I found the B interesting. Turn the book counter-clockwise and look at the B from the side. The center section looks very much like an X and it looks like the "valley" of the B is forming a Y out of that X.

    Ignore the symbols I used on the xy grid. I am sure that we use the grid to decode those symbols, but I don't think I have my alignment right yet.

    Anyway, hope this helps trigger something in someone.
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    Also consider this:

    There are 18 unique symbols in the HCB

    Small unfilled sun
    small filled sun
    large unfilled sun
    large filled sun

    small unfilled left moon
    small filled left moon
    large unfilled left moon
    large filled left moon

    small unfilled right moon
    small filled right moon
    large unfilled right moon
    large filled right moon

    vertical unfilled rectangle
    vertical filled rectangle
    horizontal unfilled rectangle
    horizontal filled rectangle

    vertical line
    horizontal line

    Half of these symbols would be used along the X axis, the other half would be used on the y axis. How these symbols interelate to each other would really suggest an XY axis. There are only 2 potential values for the line: vertical or horizontal. All of the other symbols can be logically paired into groups of 4. Take the suns for example. They could all represent the value of 1. a small empty sun could be 1 on the X axis. a small filled sun could be 1 on the y axis. a big empty sun could be -1 on the y axis, and a big filled sun could be -1 on the x axis.

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    I like your ideas....too bad there is no hunt to speak of at this juncture...lol

    Have you noticed (and I am writing from remnants stored in my memory as I haven't touched the book in over a year) that many of the "illustrations" in the text part of the book have "hidden" "X"s and "Y"s?

    I don't need to point these out specifically by page number to you, but they may be a verifier for your XY grid.


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    Yea seriously. I hate leaving things unfinished. Some random idea will cross my head every once and awhile, and I have to go grab my book. So sad....

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