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Thread: A code for infinity

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    Default A code for infinity

    Not sure if anyone has posted this. but i was wondering if anyone has tried infinitive as a code of infinity? I suck at grammar but i am thinking of pulling my book out to look at this.
    on a side note i think the book is dead but would still like to have some answers to this. i fear that i will go to my death bed thinking of this puzzle book.


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    In my opinion, a 'code for infinity' is Time

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    hey April,

    Like you, this will linger in the minds of many for a very very long time.

    As for the Last Block:

    ask yourself a few question about this block..

    Why out of the 12 is this one the most difficult to interpret?
    Was it interpreted correctly from day one?
    If it was not correctly interpreted, then what changes can be made to help get it right?

    These are just 3 questions: all valid if you ask me.

    First look close at the letter F used for the word For

    Is that really an F. If so why would it appear to be capitalized?

    Here is my biggest gripe with this letter F.. the wings are flared upwards, Not a single instance of this can be found in any other Block, as a matter of fact, the letter E in the word CODE is clearly flared downward at the wings (top/middle and upwards at the bottom) as would be expected.

    So the question remains: Is this in fact the letter F or is it simply an added design to distort the visual perspective of the message. Or is it perhaps a designed meant to be interpreted as an item, such as a KEY.

    Sadly non of it really matters.

    Because there is more to this block that seems to be incorrectly interpreted. And has been from day one.

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