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Thread: DAR According to Mister_Gizmo Part 4

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    Default DAR According to Mister_Gizmo Part 4

    Part 4: The Braille Symbols

    Very early in this contest, before I decided to pursue a different angle, I noticed that, to me anyway, those six celled grid symbols looked a lot like Braille. What I was thinking at the time, was there were different alphabet systems being used, such as Braille and Morse code. Knowing nothing about Braille, I duplicated all of the different six celled grid designs in the HCB, and placed them on a worksheet. I then rotated the sheet 90 degrees to the right, and then to the left, looking to see if these were actually Braille symbols. By rotating the attached illustration called Braille Worksheet 90 degrees counter clockwise, you can see what my results were. Every different version of the 6 celled grid pattern appears somewhere on a complete Braille chart. I don't even know what a two celled contraction is, and don't really care, but those symbols were on the chart, so they count.

    Considering the things I've already outlined, what exactly are we supposed to learn from this. I found it odd when I thought they were Braille that some of the dots were a different color. Finding it highly unlikely that a blind person would be able to tell the difference between a plain dot and one that was painted, I dismissed this as Braille. Doing further research, I discovered something that I hadn't even considered before, and that is that the Braille grid actually has a numbering system. This isn't to be confused with the dot pattern that someone would interpret as a number when reading Braille, but instead, it's the number pattern of the grid cells themselves. That number pattern looks like the attached illustration called 6-Dot Braille Numbering.

    The illustration called 6-Dot Braille Symbols, demonstrates how to turn this type of symbol into a number.

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    mr g i know you said "my solution" in your first post
    so maybe that is what it is, and not the solution

    i can see 2 parts but now we are in to 4 parts,
    that also takes an awful, lot of work to get to,
    and uses the symbols, in more than one way,
    that seems a little over the top
    but please dont stop posting, as someone may see
    a different solution in all your great work.
    i believe mike had hinted at puzzles, not puzzle in the book
    at one time
    my gut feeling is that, teardrop,hcb,spell rings, and knots
    are the puzzles. and the other ills in book are hints, to those
    puzzles, though for the life of me, i cant see the hints
    maybe mike wanted us to make, a big childlike leap of faith,
    on something and we are missing it
    anyway i say bravo on your dedication to this book, and trying to
    solve it
    where as i just said #@$, and slowed down on the solve

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