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Thread: Solution to some of the puzzles...

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    Default Solution to some of the puzzles...

    Since the hunt is probably, most likely over due to the selling of the rings...Is everyone of the opinion that it wouldn't hurt to share what we know?

    Early on I figured some things out. Contacted the Dar site, they shut the site down for a few seconds/minutes early on for a test. Does anyone remember this? This is because what I had found led me to believe that we were to enter a user name and secure password found in the puzzles. I did and it did not work. I sent an email off, they did not respond but, very, very soon after they posted that they were to shut the site down for maintenance or something like that. I know I was on the right track but I was never able to get it to work! I wasn't sure if I was missing another website or what. I believe since they did the short shutdown that it was 99% certain we needed to use the Dar website. I haven't worked on the puzzles for many months. I was just checking in to see if there was any activity.

    I have several puzzles half solved or possibly solved but nonworking (Can't test anything now since the site is gone). It isn't as hard as it seems just a bit tedious and a lot of anagramming.

    Post what you think about sharing. Should we wait until the deadline or just spill?

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    I have a very good question. Why is it that Michael Stadther will not contact us on this site? Even if it was just to say hello? He will only talk through certain people and does not post nearly enough on these sites. It just makes no sense. If his hands are tied he could just come on and say I cant comment on that! Makes me very curious why he can not post?
    I really do not think that this bankruptcy thing is what it seems to be. There are other definations for bankruptcy and if you look it up in a thesaurus a synonym for it is "In The Red" Hmmmm! Call me silly for being hopefull.
    Also think about what the book says! Ana knows how to read the book but zac does not at first. Says to me Anagraming is how she knows.
    Think about it Red Diamond anagrams to Do read mind!!! Maybe thats why he don't speak to us? LOL So I will try to anagram him!

    Weak spot leisure time!

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