There are a number of opposites laid out in this book, and I find it quite odd that the poem, morse code, and clues tend to contradict. So, a while back I decided to take a look and see if maybe we were being misled in a fundamental way.

Keep in mind... MS said you didn't need to know how to read english to solve the puzzle, although it might make it easier.

That indicated to me that instead of hiding a code in the actual words and letters, he may have hidden a code in the meaning.

Here is everything flipped upside down and turned opposite (really sounds great when put that way, huh?)

Something said on where to go (GPS)
More on telling what to do (the book is FILLED with instructions)
Something hidden on private lands (more later)
Something again in anyone's hands (ANYONE can get a ring)
No one to see a place to be? (We didn't did we?)
Another impossibility (The rings have to be somewhere)
Be never safe and take chances
Disobey the laws make disturbances (The forum... need I say more)
Something seen is what you'll find
A public treasure in your mind (the book... the landmarks...)
Look outside yourself to see (Don't be selfish now...)
A code for [ an ending ?] be

The morse:
Poorly begun is half done (I felt like I went nowhere)
Something ventured something gained
Seek and ye shall lose
One man's treasure is another man's trash
Don't avoid ring herders
You CAN get there from here (mirros the clue... you don't have to leave home)
A bad beginning makes a bad ending