If you felt that my earlier posts were way off the mark or you didnít understand what I was trying to convey, then you should probably stop reading here, because this will be more of the same.

In this installment, weíll look at three lines of the poem that are related to each other.

Well begun is half done.

This line of the poem sounded to me like the place to start when deciphering the HCB. If you count the lines in the Create a Ring portion of the HCB, you come up with a total of 157. Half way through the HCB is line #79 which is on page 18 line 33. There are exactly 78 lines before it, and 78 lines after. Line P18/33 is half way through the Create a Ring portion of the HCB. If you use the instructions in my previous posts, you come up with the following solution for line P18/33.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

Iíve always felt that the two poem lines ďWell begun is half done,Ē and ďA good beginning makes a good ending,Ē were to be used together. If you begin with the line that is half way through the Create a Ring portion of the HCB and solve it, then well begun is half done. It should stand to reason then, that if these two lines of the poem are to be used together, then the next line should be the ending.

Since the solution(using my method) to line P18/33 = RING, the very next line (P18/34) should equal a number. I thought at first that the rings would be numbered from 1 to 100, so in my mind I felt that line P18/34 should say ONEHUNDRED, or ONEZEROZERO. Try as I might however, I couldnít make that line say either one. It then occurred to me that the rings may be numbered from 0 to 99, which would make line P18/34 say NINENINE, the ending number in the ring numbering system.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

If the ring numbering system is indeed from 0 to 99, then the million dollar ring would be numbered 0, or nothing. The word ventured in this poem line is key to understanding how this works. Letís look at one of the definitions of the word ventured from the web site ventured - definition of ventured by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia. ď3. To express at the risk of denial, criticism, or censure: "I would venture to guess that Anon., who wrote so many poems without signing them, was often a woman" (Virginia Woolf).Ē

What this line of the poem is telling us, is that when you venture a guess in attempting to summon the million dollar ring, you would venture (the guess) nothing (0), and would therefore gain nothing (or the ring numbered 0).

I quit working on solving the lines of the Create a Ring portion of the HCB when the rings were put up for sale, so I donít know where in the HCB RINGZERO is located, but Iím convinced itís in there somewhere. I realize that my argument would carry a lot more weight if I had solved that line, wherever it is.