Summon a Ring

There are similarities between solving the Create a Ring portion of the HCB, and solving the Summon a Ring portion, but they aren’t exactly the same. The symbols, however, are numbered exactly the same in both systems. Obviously we’re no longer trying to identify a ring to summon, but instead we’re now looking for a method to actually claim the ring that’s been identified.

There are five different rings to claim. On page 16 in the Summon a Ring section of the HCB there are five groups of three lines of symbols. Also on page 16 of the HCB we find five groups of dots. Each dot group will line up precisely over a single symbol group.

In the illustration labeled “Page 16 Actual Size,” I’ve labeled the dot groups from 1 to 5, from top to bottom, and color coded them.

In the illustration labeled “Page 16 Enlarged,” I’ve enlarged the symbols to fit on an 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper in the landscape mode, and placed the dot groups over their corresponding symbol groups. There is no longer any way to prove this, since the rings have been sold, the contest is now apparently terminated, and Stadther is no longer talking to anyone, but I’m fairly certain that what you see on this page is the way you would identify a ring that you would want to claim. Each dot group identifies a three line symbol group labeled 1 through 5, with 1 being the million dollar ring, and 5 being the lady bug ring. Each three line symbol group identifies a different way to claim each of the rings.

My original assumption, was that we were looking for a web address that we would need to access for each ring level. So, I started with the following symbol group “P16/Symbol Group 2/Dot Group 5,” because I felt that it was the group that would identify the redemption method for the Lady Bug ring, thinking that it would be the easiest since it was the ring of least value. However, try as I might using the same method I used to solve the lines that I had completed on pages 17, 18, and 19, I came up with nothing. A line down the center of page 16 had been noticed by someone, and it had been theorized that drawing a line down the center of the symbol groups and then moving the right part of the line to the left, might be the proper order. I experimented with that theory as well as a few of my own, but came up with nothing. Finally after several months of struggling with this problem, I noticed that the lines of symbols appeared to add up to groups totaling 8. The illustration “P16/Symbol Group 2/Dot Group 5,” demonstrates this.

“P16/Symbol Group 2/Dot Group 5” appears to be divided up into 25 groups of 8, but what to do with these groups of 8 remained a puzzle I didn’t understand for a long time. The following illustration “The Number 8,” shows an interesting phenomenon. Starting with the number 8 by itself, then adding one 8 to the original 8, then two 8's, etc. With each progression, if you add the numbers together until you’ve reduced your total to a single digit, the total reduces by 1. An interesting phenomenon for sure, but it solves nothing.

One day while leafing through the book, I noticed something on page 114. This is the page that shows pictures of the rings. Beside each ring, in bold letters, there is a title of each ring, followed by a more detailed description. One common denominator of each of these bold type titles are a set of quotation marks. From top to bottom, the contents are as follows:

“One of a Kind”
“One of Three”
“One of Four”
“One of Five”
“One of Eighty-Seven”

The last one, the Lady Bug ring, really caught my eye. If you rephrase this so that it reads “ONEOF87" instead of the way it’s originally spelled out, it consists of the same number of characters one would find in a local United States phone number(7). In the Create a Ring portion of the HCB, the object was to convert numbers into words. Here, it’s the opposite, we now need to convert words into numbers. The following illustration demonstrates this.

This phone number could be anywhere, so somewhere in the book, we should be able to come up with the rest of the phone number. In the top left hand corner of page 20 of the story portion of the book, we see the number 1912 in the illustration. The number 1 followed by the area code 912 which is the area code for Savannah(Save Ana). We’ve now completed our dialing instructions to claim the Lady Bug ring 1-912-544-5576. This number is no longer active, and if you do call it, you get the message “The number you have reached is not in service.” I was able to determine, however, that the number is assigned to a company called DeltaCom (Deltacom). I don’t know if this is a local phone company in that part of Georgia, or something else.

The other rings would have been claimed in a similar manner, but a different phone number for each ring.