I was active awhile ago on the Dar book, but never got anywhere and found I was spending too much time on an activity that was only frustrating me. I put the book aside.

I came back before the holidays to see if anything was found as the end date gets closer. While I was browsing around I ran across the Amazon Dar Hunt which was before my time. As I was looking at one of the puzzles an idea come to mind.

I always believed that the "moon strings" that translated into GPS coords was just the first step. That there was more to these, but I never found any next step.

If you take the concept from one of the Amazon Questions I think it can be applied to the Moon Strings. I don't have the time or desire to follow this through. I know a number of you have a passion for this book so I figured I would pass this along.

Take the title of the book "Secrets Of The Alchemist Dar". Give each letter a number. 1=S, 2=E, 3=C, 4=R .... 22=D, 23=A, 24=R just like in the Amazon Hunt. Continue on the numbers from 25-48 but reverse the letters from the title. 25=R, 26=A, 27=D, ... 48=S etc..

Take the 1st "moon string" from BOS Introduction (page 1) in Base 5 format - 113 201 100 2. Split it into 2 digit numbers - 11 32 01 10 02. From the alphabet above this spells HESTE.

Interesting eh??

Moving on to the 2nd part of the "moon string" in Base 5 format - 1101 22 204 0. It doesn't translate that well with the above logic. Reflect it and split into pairs - 04 02 22 10 11 - and you get REDTH.

Put it together.... HESTE REDTH.

Seems too good a string of text to pull out of numbers in such a simple method to be random.

I started down the rest of the "moon strings" and it is clear there is more work to do because they don't translate so easily. It doesn't suprise me give the first "moon string" is a S/E coord vs the rest which are almost all N/W or N/E. The GPS orientation clearly changes the decoding method.

There is one other things that may play into this. The series of numbers on the page before the Title Page in the book. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 19 15 11 23 12 14 20 10 13 22 21 16 17 24. Another possible way to arrange the numbers to get letters.

I wish you continued luck in your search and look forward to someone eventually solving the puzzle and that "slap your forehead" moment for all of us !