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Thread: DAR Solution Part I *WARNING SPOILER*

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    Wink DAR Solution Part I *WARNING SPOILER*

    I see this hunt as designed in 3 levels, just as there are 3 types of spells described in Ye Bok of Spells:

    Chant Spells Level: First, you discover a poem hidden in some children’s blocks, and notice lots of repeated hints scattered throughout the blocks poem, story, Ye Bok of Spells, and the simple morse code puzzles. It’s all rather vague, too, but the hints do suggestively and collectively nudge you towards deciding which tool to use, what the key is, and how you might use them. The Caterpillar block becomes a “key block” at this stage.

    Then, with the key block, tool and key, you can begin to solve puzzles until you reach the final eclipse, the syzygy. The block poem states there are “Lesson (s) telling what to do.” Each time you solve a puzzle, what you learn in the process and the puzzle’s message help you to think about how to solve the puzzles ahead. Each puzzle builds on prior knowledge and adds its own twist to what you’ve already learned, so you have to keep trying new things that are being hinted at. An additional “key page” in the BOS (p6) also becomes a useful guide for some puzzles. DAR’s secret and the descriptions from the Chant Spells help you, too. These intermediate and advanced puzzles include the acorns up to the Huge Code Block.

    Eclipse Spells Level: Huge Code Block. All of these lessons, when combined with more hints from the story, culminate in teaching you how to use the Eclipse Wheels that will populate the compass, which creates a word that then takes you to the next level…

    Light Spells Level: (I have some ideas for this level at the end of this post, hoping someone will finish it.)

    That is as far as I got. I hope you can do more. In-depth solutions in the posts to follow. I bet there is at least a handful of people on this forum who could finish this solve in a weekend, maybe less.

    PS. Sorry, I still don't know, yet if I can post photos of my worksheets here on the forum because of all the symbols and hints taken directly from the book. I am awaiting an ok. I hope the explanations I give will make sense and there are a couple of photos I will try cuz I think they won't be a problem.

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    ferrymaiden, i think the ing/pics will be ok,as you are not posting the exact
    pic/img from book, yours have been modified

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