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Thread: DAR Solution Part III *WARNING SPOILER*

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    Wink DAR Solution Part III *WARNING SPOILER*


    The Huge Code Block and Syzygy:

    Here it is, the big moment!

    I just want to say now that I believe because there is so much junk in the huge code block that any number of the other solutions for the HCB could have equal merit. I have no idea how many levels there really are in this hunt or how complex they get and it wouldn’t be hard to use the junk for more puzzles. The Summon a Ring page already gets used twice at this level for the next two puzzles. However, I keep working on the premise that everything is simple.

    ************************************************** ***************


    “From sum-thyngness…unto the given”
    “One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure” (p29)
    “Dum Symbols” (p19 BOS)

    Take a piece of acetate and copy the dots that look like seeds. Start at the bottom of the page for the first 2 sets and copy them top to bottom, then move to the top of the page and continue to copy the last 3 sets from the bottom up. Overlay them on the symbols block in their new order. Count the number of each symbol marked only by the dots. Sum the symbols by group, then sum them again to make numbers between 1 and 26, then sum them a third time onto each other as you move continuously clockwise around the Alberti disk.

    How to order: The bottom 2 sets of dots were used first indicating to use that order of appearance in the block of symbols. (The bottom 2 sets of lines of symbols in the block (the last 6 lines) correspond to this idea, even though the first two sets of dots and the last 6 lines of the block of symbols do not actually go together for counting.) The first symbol marked in the line 6th from the bottom is the rectangle. The first symbol marked in the set below in the line 3rd from the bottom is the vertical line. And so on.

    Lesson learned: emphasis on junk, clockwise movement, modular movement, addition, how to sum on a ring, using a grille, alignment.

    MESSAGE: ALGN, “Align”

    ************************************************** ***************


    “Forgettyng one…for another.”

    Using the pieces of these symbols from the key page in the BOS, it has already been shown on this forum how to put them together to make symbols that look exactly like the ones in the huge code block.

    Begin counting again with the block of symbols on the Summon a Ring page. DO NOT count mirror counterparts or any symbols not in the exact orientation shown in the key string. Order according to the symbols in the key string, left to right, alternating every other symbol.

    Lessons Learned: emphasis on junk, clockwise movement, modular movement, alternating, re-using a cipher

    MESSAGE: SRKLS UNTO SALM, “Circles unto Salem”

    ************************************************** ***************

    The Syzygy:

    The messages of the Huge Code Block are par for the course, not very earth shattering, but they do confirm to align three circles onto the Salem compass wheel to create a syzygy.

    It’s all of the lessons learned along the way that shape our thinking for this final step.

    As suspected, the wheels to be used are the three Eclipse wheels (pg 11/13/15 BOS). “Let us out to get rings!” is written in Hest (p12 BOS).

    All the suns on these pages have to be smiling and oriented upward for the wheels to be in the proper orientation. One of these wheels changes from “Grow” to “Word” when reflected in a mirror and must be used in reverse. There is a period number given on the BOS key page 3243. Assign the numbers 2, 3, 4 to the wheels according to size, smallest to largest. This period is the key to “alternating” from one wheel to the next while working in a “quarterly” fashion and adding one quarter string of words onto the previous. Like summing on a ring, the string of words grows and spirals around the compass.

    This time “Ana prepared the plate.” (p37). In the Anniversary Chapter Ana says she made the round clover ring box the way she saw Zac do it in his shop [with “inlaid curves on the top of the box.” (p40).] Ana and Yorah in Chapter 20 begin to show how to do it.

    “Become now past”…”Take flight now leave…” (p83) and later Zac joins in, “Life yields to your embrace” (p106)

    All there is left to do, is recite the “last wyrd at the moment full.” (p5 BOS)

    When done, in the 8th position on the compass, the word ODDACI appears.

    Zac refers to a children’s book in the Anniversary Chapter. The number 1912 appears in an illustration (p20) and there are handprints in the BOS. The children’s book being referred to is the 1912 school edition of The Odyssey of Homer translated by George Herbert Palmer.

    It’s a pretty good indication we may be working with a book cipher next. Also of interest, the book includes a fold-out map of Homer’s journey and the map of Homer’s world looks like the large ink splotch on The Greate Forest page. This is not the actual map in the book shown here but you get the idea.
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