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Thread: DAR Solution Part IV *WARNING SPOILER*

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    Wink DAR Solution Part IV *WARNING SPOILER*


    Some thoughts about where to go from here and observations:

    The number 256 is hidden in the clover ring illustration (p109). On page 256 in the Odyssey is the word “betwixt”. In the center of the text on both pages 256 and 257 is the word “heart”. It reminds me of the illustration in the BOS p7 with the Xs running through the pages. Also, the caster must be “pure of hart” (p20 BOS). It also reminds me of the puzzle message “Clue, 2s Linked” (in a mirrored fashion like book pages) and the illustration of Zac and Ana holding each other on page 108 makes me think of this open book with two hearts.

    The fact Zac and Ana have been married for 2 years is emphasized in these last chapters. Also, Dragonfly mentions “mutual reconnaissance”, and Ant talks about an “open picnic basket”. The image at the end of the story shows a white doth and a dark doth in mirrored poses. I think these are all references to the Odyssey pages of the text when the book is laid open, with the word “heart” mirrored and suggesting that both pages on either side of the “deep crevasse” should be used, possibly alternately.

    The focus should now be on the Celestial Dance Chapter 27 through the Anniversary Chapter 29 of the story. We are probably looking for a website or web address. Zac stutters “w-w-when did you…?” (p109)

    The puzzle is likely some sort of book cipher or grille. One of the handprints in the BOS is on the first page with the filled in letters like a grille would be and in Hest is written “We now hav book.” You may also now have to use the compass wheel instead of the Alberti disk or use the Alberti disk in reverse.

    Zac focuses on the strange sun and moon symbols and the missing words of the spell of Reversi Luna. These symbols swirled and coalesced in his mind, combined and formed anew. All he had to do was reverse everything with another syzygy or eclipse. The secret is light. Reverse the moon suggests reversing the Alberti disk. The Hest have written “This spell no work” with a reverse spiral motion hinted at in the TH (p20 BOS). Another syzygy described is Zac aligning light between himself and the page. He must reverse his current motion. Zac turns to one of the spells for creating a ring, he concentrates on the symbols and recites the spell. The Hest have written “This make no sense” again with a reverse spiral motion hinted at in the TH (p18 BOS) Also on this page is written “Just moons and suns.” And “Dum symbols” (junk). A bright red light flickers in his closed fist, piercing the spaces between his fingers. In his open palm (Palmer?) lay the ring.

    “As seeds fly on gossamer wings in springtyme, Light Spells on paper come and go with the wind.”

    Seeds could be the same seeds used on the Summon a Ring page or just referencing the idea of piercing symbols. They fit the size of the book text perfectly and could be used again as a grille. In the Anniversary Chapter Zac “Then recited the spell to summon a ring…a bright red light briefly flickerd…piercing the spaces between his fingers.” If you overlay the first set of dots or pierce them, you could use them for a sort of grille cipher. Sounds simple but I could not make this work, the Hest were right, LOL.

    Not sure what it means, but I did find it very interesting that if you place the first set of dots on the line in the Odyssey page 256 that contains the word “betwixt”, the very first dot lands on the “t” in betwixt, and the length of the row of seeds reaches across and fits both pages, hence “twixt the horizon, long and broad.” Just like Zac and Ana’s arms crossing each other.

    Springtyme and wind may indicate that you now have to use the new compass wheel instead of the Alberti disk, because it is more like a coiled spring. The maze from the Open Fairies Dark wheel (p13 BOS) has always intrigued me because it seems to suggest movement through something exactly like the letters in the compass wheel and Zac asks Ana “Can I open it?”

    ************************************************** *************

    Red Herring Coordinates:

    Other important illustrations in the BOS are on pages 7 and 8.

    “… a celestial dance you must obey...” I still have an unused sky map of Texas with what looks like a rete design from page 25 in the story (although the stars do look like what I am calling seeds on the Summon a Ring page when I suggest using those for a grille.)

    I overlayed this onto the Odyssey pages once and thought I was able to spell Dimend.net but the address did not lead anywhere.

    The red herring coordinates have not yet been used either. It has been mentioned on the forum that the coordinates correspond to the constellations on each page. There is a constellation on the key page in the BOS indicating that they definitely should be used in some way. These coordinates clearly are trying to get across the idea that although the constellations have two sets of coordinates, you should be either alternating or avoiding one side of them. “Avoid red herrings.”

    I treated the constellations like the other puzzles but what I focused on was the concept of Springtyme and wind as references to the vernal equinox and the sidereal compass. In other words, the right ascension and declination of each constellation. More specifically, the Right Ascensions only.

    All I did was round off the RA of each constellation as it appeared in order in the BOS, then summed them on a ring. I did not even have to apply the key to get a SIGNIFICANT message.

    You can work it out for yourself with these numbers:

    8 Puppis
    17 Hercules
    13 Centaurus
    22 Pegasus
    1 Phoenix
    11 Ursa Major
    17 Ara
    20 Aquila
    11 Leo
    2 Hydrus
    5 Orion
    15 Libra
    7 Canis Major
    7 Canis Major
    16 Serpens
    4 Taurus
    17 Scorpius

    MESSAGE: HYLHIT KEP RWL SZ QUL; “High light, keep rule size equal”
    Other translations:
    “High light, key 16, rule size equal”
    “High light, keep rules equal”

    **Some potential puzzles remain unsolved. These could be the illustrations on pages 41, 48, 92 and 108, the red herring code and the ladybug rings. I think 108 could be very important because it goes with the Anniversary Chapter.

    Maybe this will stir up ideas and peak someone’s interest to finish this thing and share the answer with us! I would really like that. I have to say that in spite of the way the hunt turned out, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey! Thanks for wading through this with me. I am handing it over now and cleaning my desk of this, but please feel free to pm me and ask questions on this thread. I’ll be around for a little while, at least. I wish you all the very best of luck!

    Best, Colleen

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferrymaiden View Post

    Some thoughts about where to go from here and observations:

    I wish you all the very best of luck!

    Best, Colleen
    thanks for sharing. a complicated journey for sure.

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    Very disappointed in the Effed up words solutions sound like mega down syndrome person and yes my brother is a downer and I am quackquackquackquackquackquacked so it makes it easier to comprehend there that's all thank you much.
    Infinity = no boundaries. No boundaries = Chaos Theory. Theres no upper or lower limits to electro-magnetic spectrum. All energy waves go infinitely small to infinitely large the same as Pi goes on forever. To say the Universe has a beginning or an end is to create a boundary. Scientific Theory has always been evolving and continuously corrected to think the theory of your time is the correct one is to be as fanatical as all the religious fanatics of every world religion. Base 16 Cipher for Pi.

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    Default Happy For You

    I'm glad you have made so much progress. It always amazes me how smart many of you are. I came no where near a solve. I bought the book when it first came out. I have read the forums for years. It seems that Mr.Gizmo, Jerimiha, and Ferryman have legit solves. The thing I find funny is how they are all different. Could it be there are many right ways to solve the puzzle? I think the 3 three of you should look at your solves and try to somehow put them together to form the answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandymike View Post
    I'm glad you have made so much progress. It always amazes me how smart many of you are. I came no where near a solve. I bought the book when it first came out. I have read the forums for years. It seems that Mr.Gizmo, Jerimiha, and Ferryman have legit solves.
    I spent time working on anagrams and the red mushroom fairy ring code. I got a potential morse code syzygy out of the trees, mushrooms, and tiny tick-marks beneath the mushrooms to indicate dot, dash, and word break. Didn't have time to go farther with it before other more drastic things in life intervened, but I also connected the loop to a repeating mintue worth of morse transmission that was also found in Summon a Ring. The very faint lines were the same as timing indicators, meaning the Red Block Code there was just different levels of Morse, where symbols could be picked for messages based on what was located in the side scroll of the illumination. There were also more morse messages in the leaves, but those were a headache an a half. Also, on a completely different side track, I thought that there was code on the page before even dealing with the red block.

    I did find web sits with rings -- but none lookiong like the fairy ones we were hunting for Oh well. Comments?

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