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Thread: summon a ring morse

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    Default summon a ring morse

    Treasure trovers no doubt remember the 'near the overlook' morse code clue from the first book. It was embedded in the same border as the location clue to find a token. I may have something similar but please forgive me if this is an old idea, from those halcyon days when people still cared.
    Used a transparency on BOS p.16 to copy all the little black dots. Overlayed the black dots on their matching symbols. Used a pencil to lightly circle the symbols in the book so I would remember them without needing the overlay. I then copied only my circled symbols onto a second transparency. I used the transparency instead of a handwritten copy to keep the spatial relationships of the symbols accurate.
    It immediately occured to me that if these 5 sets of symbols were correctly overlayed (combined and formed anew), the result would be 3 lines of morse code. Thin vertical bars, thick vertical bars, and small moons. Dots, dashes, and letter breaks respectively.
    Sadly, the logistics of doing this by hand are proving to be a nightmare. There must be an alignment marker I am missing.
    Anyway, there you have it. Please post if this is all rehash, or if anyone has any results from this.
    Thank you.

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    Default a random thought

    sometimes you never know where clues might appear. this is probably just a coincidence but I have been reading Kerouac lately and in one of his letters (1957) there is at the end of one sentence boog and at the begining of the next sentence pook. (boog. pook) two made up words in the middle of Kerouac. If this is just a coincidence it is a hell of a coincidence. Although if Kerouac fits into the puzzle I have no idea how.

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    i think the dragon is the marker, if the pages can be printed to transparences.

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    Default "Sum" on a ring? -- was perhaps two different puzzles

    One thing that has bothered me: why assume that the Red Block Code had anything to do with "Summon a ring" other than they were convieniently near each other. To 'summon' something is to call it up. Also, a homonym would be 'sum' (as in addition) on a ring (circle). So, maybe we should have focused on the words, looking for ciphers there instead of immediately going for the hardest puzzle first.

    We know the darklings re-arranged the book. Did they also re-arrange the pages for the other part which tells the main story? Using things like the colored borders, the colored letters in roygbv order, plus the moons and suns, what possible old server or disconnected phone numbers might result?

    Just speculating again, while I am busy with stuff elsewhere :^/
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