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  1. No Hares on Red Block Pages (and other things I renoticed that bother me)
  2. Hest is English
  3. A little order to the chaos
  4. Red Hare Ring CoOrdinates
  5. Utah bank.. anyone?
  6. Ladybug & Red Rings
  7. Those BOS spirals
  8. The Filled in Letters
  9. Constellations in BOS
  10. Nun Can Pass??
  11. Anyone Any Nearer To The Solution??
  12. "The Book of Dar, K Spells
  13. Black Marks
  14. Recreating lost Light lines of Book
  15. 'create a ring' and 'summon a ring' pages
  16. Drop Caps in the BoS
  17. Book of Spells Page Order
  18. what letters are missing in the BOS
  19. Paper Edges
  20. Page 2 & 5. Sumthyngness or Nothyngness?
  21. i wish i had
  22. When will the first ring be found??
  23. is there somebody with time to try my crazy ideas lol
  24. CeLtiC bOrdEr
  25. Orange headings throughout BOS
  26. Joined ae?
  27. Another take on HCB: forward and backward messages
  28. A new line of inquiry for the HCB
  29. HCB - Can a Childrens Book could be used to decode this?
  30. The Golden Mean
  31. Hidden in Reversi Luna pages
  32. Shapes?
  33. New Clue from Fox TV
  34. alchemical cipher wheel link
  35. different spellings of "creating", BOS
  36. The Ladybug Code (?) revisited
  37. My analysis of the circles (suns) in the HCB
  38. abracadabra
  39. Three Rings
  40. 1912
  41. What the bleep is the HCB?
  42. Latin phrases in BOS
  43. Magic Stars
  44. A new way to view the HCB?
  45. HCB - It really doesn't matter if you're black or white?
  46. information on filled in letters
  47. Twenty Locations, Inscriptions, and the filled in letters...
  48. Which symbols like to follow which in HCB
  49. statistician needed!
  50. Finger prints
  51. was a vignere used in ATT?
  52. Sir Isaac Newton
  53. Colored border - a new code to solve?
  54. chat november 1st. why are we so stuck?
  55. Genetic code
  56. The filled in letters in the Book of Spells
  57. all the unique HCB symbols and a kwesi twist?
  58. Looking for Morse...
  59. Repeated border
  60. HCB Transcription completed
  61. Anagram tool needed
  62. Happy 1 month Anniversary!!! Check out this fun site.
  64. Eclipse Schedules Thru 2009
  65. big breakthrough on page 16, official forum
  66. chat with me tonite
  67. The Solution to the Thirteen Combination Symbols
  68. I have strings of numbers ...now what ?
  69. Original source for drop caps needed!
  70. Compass/Dial Codes
  71. Family Tree - DNA
  72. On using computers to attack stadther's puzzles
  73. Celtic knots/designs/symbols
  74. Fairy rings in BOS
  75. Page Numbering Dark Spell Book
  76. pge numbering
  77. Triangle, Line, Pentagon and so on....
  78. Constellations
  79. Pg. 3 Boreder Data
  80. Scans of Pages
  81. Transcription suggestion for the massive code blocks.
  82. The "crosses" and moons code idea.
  83. I went to a location and found???
  84. Symbols
  85. Background Pages of the Dark Spell Book
  86. Ink Spots
  87. every moon code
  88. Three lines of symbols on p2 and pg5
  89. The Inscrutable Symbols of the Hest Language
  90. Codes, Codes Codes...
  91. Book of Spells Page Numbers Base-5 System
  92. It's time to start organizing
  93. Follow the orange rabbit