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Thread: Question about solutions after ending date

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    Quote Originally Posted by virleo View Post
    Have you noticed that the plumb bob line is not perfectly straight? Do you find one of those tiny hard-to-see images on the plumb bob?
    No, I didn't realize it wasn't perfectly straight, but it sounds like another reason to have given it a bit of attention. I can't remember images I've seen in the plumb bob - it's been awhile since I looked at that page.

    I'm bringing it up now, because there was a lot of interest in the hash marks. I thought I'd share my interpretation now at the end of the hunt, as I think the idea of the 2:3 scale was plausible.

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    Hi Cryptic,
    I'm not sure which fairy or vine you're referring to. Would you let us know the page number when you get a chance?

    Hi Treefinder,
    Pretty neat. Have you been able to tie any of these clues to a token?

    I'm REALLY curious if there is anybody out there who found the email or phone number and was able to contact Iris and Roger Hunt, the law team who decides the win. If you, would you chime in here and let us know?


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    Quote Originally Posted by cryptic View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by SleuthJH View Post
    There are a lot of pages with puzzles not related to the tokens that were found, so the solutions aren't in the first solution book.

    Does anyone have information?
    Or what are your thoughts about wanting a final solution book, or online post?


    I am still curious to know why the firefly was remove from the carpenter page to another page. Is there a puzzle on this page remaining to be solved??? It seems like a lot of work went into this page for nothing...
    Just wondering where you found this image with the firefly?

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