Here's my solution for a token in DC.

First Clue

"Fort Slocum Park, Resting Behind Where 3 Entwine, 221 Madison Ave”

Page 36

Starting in the lower right-hand corner, using the dandelion seeds, acorn, brown fairy’s fingers and leg.
Working from the bottom up.
I used the Ant solution to decode the dandelion seeds, just looking at the shape of the seed, not the direction it's pointing.
And I used the Firefly solution to decode the acorns.

“F” 1st Seed = 2; 2nd Seed = 1 21 decodes to F
“O” 3rd Seed = 3; Acorn = 5 35 decodes to O
“R” 4th Seed = 4; # of Fingers = 2 42 decodes to R
“T” Shown by the line in the fairy's pants and green leaf.

“Slocum Pk”:
Starting at the blue fairy at the bottom of the inner border, going counter-clockwise.
I used the Firefly solution to decode the acorns.

"S" = Formed by the blue fairy's left arm and leg, and the purple fairy's right arm.
"L" = Formed by the brown fairy's right leg.
"O" = Formed by the brown fairy’s arms.
"C" = Acorns 13 decode to “C”
"U" = Formed by the green fairy's pants.
"M" = Formed by Anna's fingers, upside down.

“P” = Formed by the leaf w/o veins under the Pink/Blue fairy’s arm.
“K” = Formed by the Pink/Blue fairy’s arm and leg.

“Resting Behind Where 3 Entwine”:
Resting = The resting fairies in the top left border.
Behind = The blue fairy below the resting fairies.
“W” = Formed by the blue fairy’s legs, crouched under the branch
“(w)here” = The fairies pulling their hair.
3 = Group of 3 fairies.
Entwine = the hugging fairies.

“221 Mad”:
“22” = Leaf w/o veins is pointing to the pink fairy’s fingers (use both hands).
“1” = Leaf w/o veins is pointing to the orange fairy’s index finger.
“M” = Formed by the orange fairy’s fingers.
“A” = Formed by the Pink fairy with short black hair.
“D” = Formed by the purple fairy’s left leg.

Second Clue

Pages 20 and 21
Use Blue and Orange, starting at Rusful, going clockwise.
(Note: skip the first celtic knot)
Pull numbers out just like the spider solution, and number the "X" like the spider solution:
1 2
3 4

I get these letters: OB NH SR W O S PK OBZDHX LUNAR

Meaning New Hampshire State Route West of Slocum Park.
And the park is shaped like the Moon (Lunar).

Third Clue

Page 38 and 39
Start on page 39, going counter-clockwise. Looking at the fairy's fingers, feet, etc on the edges of the book.
(I used this page because it has the same dandelion seeds as page 36)

C = 13 = 1 finger on the book cover, 3 fingers on the page (purple fairy).
D = 14 = 1 finger on the edge (red fairy), 4 fingers on the page (pink fairy).
E = 15 = 1 foot on the page (pink fairy), 5 fingers on the page (yellow fairy).
N = 34 = 3 fingers on the edge (blue fairy), knee pointing to page 4 of the book.

Read this backwards gives you "NE DC".

So there you have it.
I teamed up with another trover to go searching for me, but they didn't find any token.