Here's my solution for a token in Traverse City State Park, MI.


Page 63

Use the letters on the TOP of the blocks to anagram “TRAVERSE ST” with an extra R.
The letters in the lower left-hand corner are “CY PK”.

Also, there are 2 purple-letter/purple-border letters on the sides of the blocks.
1. The “E” has a short middle part, so it’s really an “M”.
2. And an “I”.

Put this all together, you get “TRAVERSE CY ST PK, MI”.

Second Clue: “5 MOS SKI AREA”

Page 44

With the 7 red berries near the orange fairy, you can connect the dots to make a “5”. The 3 leaves next to the berries spell MOS using the 5x5 grid counting the leaf veins just like the Dragonfly solution. The right border has “SKI AREA” written in the yellow area - starting where the orange fairy is holding the green leaf, and going up the page. Put all this together to get “5 MOS SKI AREA”.

Third Clue: "EAST ARM" of the Grand Traverse Bay

Page 19, 69

With a mirror on the left border of page 19, the Axe tool forms an “E”, and the Compass forms and “A”.
Without a mirror, the hand-drill and the folded ruler form and “S”, and the Awl and tree branch form a “T”.
Overlay page 19 on top of 69 matching the tips of the pointed vine and the plum-bob.
The top leaf of the center opened flower points to Zac’s ARM.
Put all this together to get “EAST ARM”.

So there you have it.

I visited the park twice, but didn't find a token.