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Thread: my take,if anyone cares

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    Default my take,if anyone cares

    OK, I am not too sure I am buying that whole key thing lyric, but I think there would be much easier ways to lead people astray than this so,taking lyric at his word that this is indeed true, I have been thinking about the meaning of the poem, don't care so much where you got it from unless that is essential to the next step kwim? If you did the work and figured out the poem lyric and it gets me somewhere else - heck you just saved me a step, and possibly one I would never have found. Anyway. The reason for my thinking the way I am about this poem so literally is because in reading that whole :
    box was as long as it is wide....part
    it always struck me that the wording of the next paragraph was odd. that he "saw things he had never seen before and he took those things and filled the small boxes with them.

    And suddenly I thought well, what if "THOSE THINGS" is exactly what he put in the boxes? As in the letters in THOSE THINGS or even a numerical representation of them. (20 8 15 19 5 20 8 9 14 7 19)
    How does he do this? I have not gotten there yet, but it did get me thinking more literally about the subpoem. After all MS did say it is right there in front of us!

    Have you know treasures three
    Found by nine where they be

    The only division of that sort I notice is that 3 of the twelve treasures were antiques, 9 commissioned by MS, Also ANA is 3 and Zachariah is 9(letters) Could these letters be used in a code or box?

    Numbers eleven within the book
    (there are eleven letters/numbers in "those things" Like it or hate it - those things is a really odd way to put it.

    Ten of them near the overlook
    if you look at "near the overlook" there are ten different letters and or #s- 14 5 1 18 20 8 15 22 12 11 (near th ovlk)

    There they stand five a side
    Two more places where they hide

    Now we are back to twelve - (ana and zachariah? or something else?) but add in below and you have the 25 everyone loves.

    One by one now you know
    Four in column four in row
    Now you know there are thirteen
    Tweleve of which are still unseen

    This section has to refer to two different boxes, though i have yet to find twelve or thirteen of anything in particular to put in them.Above I feel there are 10 or 11. I don't know really what to make of it but I do think the only possible way that "four in column four in row - now you know there are thirteen will work is:

    the 13 box the five a side box

    X X X X X X X X X X X
    or X X
    X X X X X X X X X
    X X X
    X X X X

    X X X X as for two more places where they hide?

    I do not know - in the middle - hidden between

    Now you know there are thirteen
    Tweleve of which are still unseen

    So is he telling us the only one we have right off is the one in the middle? An extra letter? Or is he telling us that there are twelve letters missing (still unseen) and we are to use the missing letters for the outside boxes?

    With six pence eight you will see

    no clue

    It was the seven that is the key

    If you are counting left to right in the 13 box the X in the middle would be the 7th. Maybe whatever ends up there is some kind of key?

    I am working on this now as it only just occurred to me and I really apologize if this ticks people off or if we have all agreed to drop the subpoem. And yes I do realize what I wrote has a whole bunch of stuff I am still working through - but maybe it will set a lightbulb off for someone even if it completely ridiculous.
    just lil ol me

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    bizzymom, I see two possibilities here.

    One. If you believe lyrical and everything he has said, then the only person you could be helping by making this post is him.

    Two. If you believe lyrical has fabricated the subpoem, then you are wasting your time.


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    well gee Rusty - At least the part about "thos things" could be slightly helpful don't you think?

    That really had nothing to do with Lyric's poem. I really think that somehow - "those things' fit in the boxes - how I don't know but it is a possibility. Don't you find that wording "and he took those things and ...
    as odd?
    just lil ol me

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    Bizzy- I have been focusing on the same phrase ("those things"). See my posts in http://www.tweleve.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1691
    In the two most important places in the dream, MS chose to use three words in a row that start with T. P. 86 says the trees repeated the song as if "trying to tell" Zac something. P. 87 says that Zac could see things that he had never seen before and he "took those things" and filled the boxes. So I agree that the wording in that phrase is odd. Maybe the strange wording has something to do with these repeated letters?

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