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Thread: If I wanted to sabotage this hunt...

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    Default If I wanted to sabotage this hunt...

    Pretend for a moment that I am a very intelligent, obsessive treasure hunter. I want nothing more than to find as many treasures as I can before anyone else. I am doing this purely out of ego. I care nothing for sportsmanship or companionship. All I want is the recognition that comes with finding all these valuable treasures.

    How do I go about making sure that I am the first one to get the treasures? Working day and night is not enough, because there are thousands of brilliant people who could solve this just as easily as I could. I have to do something to slow them down. I have to give them some false clues that will consume their time and warp their perception. The biggest threat is these forums. With so many people working together, it is almost guaranteed that the majority of the winners will have been active participants in the forums.

    I must stop the forums. I could post false information, even “groundbreaking” clues, but where would that get me. No one would believe some random person who spent the last three month lurking and finally came out with surprising information. The only people with enough credibility to actually have an impact are the people who have a history of being helpful and sounding honest, something I have not.

    So, I want to “infect” a leader in the forum that will carry my message. How do I do this? I have spent night and day finding a few clues that haven’t appeared in the forums, and I suspect that the leaders are holding them back for awhile as well. I simply go to some site suggested by my clues, it may be a real clue or an anomaly; it doesn’t matter, as long as the searcher believes that it is a possible clue.

    Now, for a convincing “clue:”
    1. It must contain an explanation for several mysteries clues already found (near the overlook, there are thirteen, what the fairies are for), that way it fits into everyone’s framework.
    2. It must link to patterns found in the book (12, 106, extra e’s)
    3. It must give directions that link to the book so everyone can confirm it.
    4. It must be very puzzling, but very profound, so that it will take up a lot of time.

    Now, to construct this “clue:”
    1. A message can be found in anything (Bible Code fallacy), so I will find something that fits the above criteria.
    2. I make up some interesting directions to find the code and put the key in some place that only a knowledgeable person will find.

    I expect that this person will keep this seemingly valuable information to himself for sometime before he is inevitably lost and posts it on the forum. Everyone is now infected, spending their time trying to figure out what this “clue” means.

    Some end notes:
    LyricalAsh, you have done nothing that convinces me that you are intentionally deceiving this forum. However, the little information that you have given regarding the sub-poem directly contradicts the character and statements of Michael Stadther. Unless it is absolutely impossible that the characters that make up the sub-poem were not intentionally put in that special order when originally printed, please do not post the solution to the sub-poem, as this would allow everyone to confirm its existence and play into the hands of this hypothetical Supreme Lurker.

    Supreme Lurker, if you really exist, you should know that Mr. Stadther is much smarter than you. He spent eight years planning this hunt in such a way that people could not sabotage it. Though you have done a much better job than Jet, your effect will be the same. You are probably kicking yourself over the fact that Lyric hasn’t posted the solution, and this whole thing died pretty quick. I hope we can eventually nominate you to the Hall of Shame.

    Forum, I may be way off base, but I guarantee that there are people out there like this, even if they aren’t responsible for this sub-poem. Nevertheless, be on the watch out for clues that aren’t in the book and aren’t given by MS. As you can see, it wouldn’t take much to infect us all.

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    Robin thats a very interesting thought you have there. I kind of thought that sort of thing could happen when people first started talking about leaving a note or something at locations saying either "i found it and now its gone" or " i checked here too and its not here".

    Hopefully, if anything, the idea that that sort of "super lurker" could be decieving the best of us could make people really get back to THE BOOK and only go on what comes directly from Stadther.

    I for one believe lyric believes in what he's found and is being honest with us. Of course with the "super lurker" sabatoge theory, i think any one of us could fall into a trap like that.

    I don't know how you guys feel but from now on if i scout a location i won't be leaving anything to indicate anything. I feel that could run the risk of setting other hunters off on a tangent or stop their train of thought in certain directions. If i do scout a location that i think is close to 100%, i don't personally have problem telling you guys what i come up with to a degree.

    Basically, we should all just trust our gut and go on what we verify or come up with on our own. If someone shares an idea, don't flame, check it out on our own and then decide.
    any day above ground is a good day

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    Thanks, Topher. I didn't know what kind of response I was going to get on that.

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