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    Default Areas

    I've found 4 very specific areas in the same city, but each location is nowhere near the other. Could this be a map? Connect the dots and draw the map? Has anyone else found different locations within the same city?

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    Yes and no, ladyfeline.

    Re: Salt Lake City....for example. There was a post about Hummingbird Lane,,,andhow the street map and aerial photo matched the vine-y thing on the "T" drop cap Chapter 11, pg. 55.

    Well it did. And,,,this particular find I thought was quite relevant. But, heck I live NOWHERE near SLC....I'm out west. So no chance of me checking the area. Figure some SLC person might glom on to it at some point, hopefully, and at least go check.

    Now,,,,I,,,,, before that, had found a Morning Glory street in Salt Lake City.

    When I compared the one against the other....it was like the two streets were very near each other - mine being pretty much due south and not that far from Hummingbird Ln.

    I thought it was odd and sparked my interest momentarily....but....like so many things, it didn't really light a fire in my brain.

    Now perhaps your locations are more specific. Remember this. MS was influenced by the Masquerade...greatly. The solution to Masquerade involved doing JUST that ! Drawing lines (to wit the plumb bob itself may be a clue hmmmm? -- indicating a METHOD?) from one point to another.

    I posted not too long ago showing the LETTERS in the BORDERS HIDDEN MESSAGES that the fairies are POINTING to by drawing lines from the pointing finger out to the outermost letter. I noted then the plumb bob clue - might be about doing something like that.

    Sigh. Wouldn't it just be great if someone would just find a token ??
    "When you created the book, you also created us."

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