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Also, concealed in the pages of this sotry, are the clues to twelve very real and very valuable treasures that I have hidden around the continental United States for you to find and keep -- treasures similar to the jeweled Forest Creatures in the Fairy Tale.

2) You can find the twelve jeweled creatures and their mates hidden within the pages of this book and, while you cannot claim the real treasures if you find them here, I hope you will share the experience of looking for them with a child.

Snail had become a beautiful crystallized jewel.

Chp 1
Once they reached the grove, Zac hoped to find a fallen silver birch limb, -- the final piece he needed to finish the jewelry box.

Chp 4
Each of them mourned a relative or mate who had been touched by the dust and transformed into a shining stone -- another jewel for the blight Spreader’s collection.

Chp 5
“So, to finish the jewelry box for Ana, we have to find a fallen tree, or a branch broken from the trunk,” said Zac, intending to resume his search of the grove.

Chp 9
The Jewelry Box
The two perfectly matched halves would complete the top of Ana’s jewel box.

Chp 11
But he had stumbled, by accident, onto an even more powerful and dangerous concotion -- a lethat poison that transformed living things into percious jewels.
Combining his science with their magic, he finally created the dark dust which turned living things into precious jewels, and together they began to destroy the living Forest.

Chp 12
And she proceeded to tell them about the evil Blight-Spreader, the dark dust and the Forest Creatures crystallized into jewels.

Chp 13
It was empty, except for the pots, cauldrons and retorts that the evil one used to brew his potions, and the dead tres hung with jeweled Forest Creatures.
Pickensrooters seized and smashed vials of fluids against the cavern walls and spilled causdrons of dark dust into the stream (taking very special care not to touch the dust), whild Flower Fairies darted among the trees gathering up the jewels that Rusful had hung on the petrifued branches.
Well before sunrise, with the evil laboratory wreched, the last beaker broken and all the poinsons spilled, the Fairies turned and fled, with the stolen jewels in their arms.

Chp 14
Worse, his precious collection was gone... every single jewel.
What did this have to do with his missing jewels?

Chp 15
Yorah had given them no instructions about what to do with the jewels, but they all agreed that the best thing to do with anthing one finds was to hide it.
The jewels fit perfectly in the twelve compartments of the box under the bed.
Her husband, proud of his handiwork, only wished it were filled with the jewels she deserved.
Where had those jewels come from?

Chp 16
She held up the glittering jewels for Yorah to see.
Instantly she knew almost everything --how the jewels had come into her possession, how Yorah’s plan to save the Forest had gone wrong, and that the Darklings were on their way to reclaim Rusful’s precious collection.
“But if these jewels belong to him, I’ll simply give them back.”
Only then did the Yorah tell her the true nature of those jewels, which she thought so beautiful--that they were once living creatures that had been crystallized by the cruel and greedy Rusful.
Ana pressed the jewels into their hands and without saying a word she issued instructions.
The jewels must be hidden in the Forest where the Blight-Spreader could not find them.
And the Fairies and the jewels vanished just before the first of the grinning, leering Darklins entered her bedroom.
Ana knew that Rusful’s raiding horde had come for the jewels but she did not guess what they would take instead--until two Darklings stood by her side.

Chp 17
Where are my jewels?
“Jewels? What jewels?” asked Ana, innocently.
She sensed the terrible greed that consumed him, and knew that he would stop at nothing to get the jewels back.
But just possibly, this kidnapped halfling knew something about the Fairies who had wrecked his work and stolen his jewels.
“You live in that big oak tree with the woodcarver.
Does he have my jewels?”
“Where are my jewels?”
“If I let you go, how shall I have my precious jewels again?”
“The jewels are hidden in the forest, where you can’t find them.”
“I’ve told you. My husband doesn’t know where the jewels are hidden.”
“Perhaps not. Not yet. But I know that you Elves and Halflings have a way of speaking without words. You will think where they are hidden, and he will hear your thoughts, and bring my jewels to me.”

The Dream
The jewelry box, once filled with those mysterious jewels, lay askew on the bed, empty.
Zac could only guess at what had become of his wife and the jewels but he knew it was not good.
And, in Zac’s dream, Pook became one of the beautiful but lifeless crystals like the Jewels that had once been in Ana’s jewelry box.
He knew where the jewels were hidden and he knew he had to exchange them for his wife.

Chp 18
It was high noon as Zac and Pook approached the blackened bourlders under the hill with the jewels that Zac had found, but it had grown dark from the approaching storm.
“Give me my jewels!” the thing in darkness moaned.
“You give me my jewels; I give you your wife.”
“Wait! Come back! I’ll give you your jewels! Here they are. Here, take them.”
“Don’t trust him, Zac. Don’t give up the jewels. Lur him out into the sunlight somehow. Please, please my darling be careful not to touch him.”
Holding the jewels in both his hands, Zac took a step closer to the grotto.

As more thunder rumbled, a flickering shaft of sunlight suddenly pierced the clouds and struck the jewels, making them sparkle and glitter---as if Zac held a handful of stard.
Rusful cupped his hand to receive the jewels.
Zac’s anger finally exploded and he tossed the jewels in the air.
Around the two lifeless bodies lay the twelve shining jewels, scattered where they had fallen.

The Rain
Zac and Ana left Pook and the jewels and began their long walk home down the blackened mountain, through the ruined Forest.

Chp 20
“The jewels!”


The Jewels
The following twelve beautiful and valuable jewels were selected by me from all over the world and they are yours to find and keep.
All you need to do to find one of the jewels described in the following pages by Master Gemologist Appraiser (R) Donald A. Palmieri, GG,ASA, is to decipher the clues in the story and go to the exact location and find your gold token. The gold token contains the information you need to get your jewel.

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