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Thread: Even a child could solve them

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    Default Even a child could solve them

    My wife and I have been at this since January, figuring, anagramming, cryptogramming, studing those pages of text and illustrations... She has been coming to this forum and reading the things you all have to say about figuring out the clues, which has added to the figuration and complication of something that the author has said again and again, "Even a child could solve them" (the clues). I don't know about you guys, but my children sure as heck don't know about matrix's and binary digit combinations, etc. I believe we, the ones without tokens, are way overthinking this and those that have found the tokens are laughing at us while they apply simplicity to uncover the locations of the remaining tokens. If you are keeping a simple approach, please let me know about it. Maybe we can work together.

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    Default Agreed

    The one piece nary and 5x5 have been with us for a while. Everyone, especially me, tried making this far more difficult than it now appears. The A-Z minus Q was staring us in the face the whole time.

    The thing that irks me are these "clues" we so eagerly await and then spend time trying to solve. Is one of these clues relevant? Given all of our time what the heck do they relate to?

    Has anyone had to anagram one solution, or use a rubic's cube approach yet.......A BIG NO.

    Stadther, great concept, book and idea. You owe me for those lousy clues though.

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    I spent a lot of hours during December and January trying to find the solutions, studying the story and pictures.

    I spent quite a bit of money traveling to three (3) locations searching for the tokens, airfare, hotels and rental cars.

    I finally gave up in February and decided I would wait for someone to locate a token and learn the technique in solving the puzzles.

    But I never thought that each token would be solved with the same technique!

    Now that I have been reading the solutions to the tokens, I have realized that my approach was no where close to finding a token.

    I never thought that the tokens would be found so quickly and so easily.

    Albeit, the time I spent searching for the tokens was quite an experience. I always hoped that I would be able to have one last adventure ~~ But by the time I figure out a new token location, the token has already been found.

    I am acquiescing on the hunt for a token.

    Congratulations to the people who found the eight ( tokens.

    Good Luck to all that are trying to discover the last four (4) remaining tokens.
    --- Spider
    --- Hummingbird
    --- Beetle
    --- Ant

    (Apparently the Beetle and Ant have been deciphered)

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    Default Look at the text

    I agree. Once people started finding tokens by gridding, the text was ignored. The dream sequence on pages 86&87 lets us know that there are 2 ways to find the tokens. I found this site that I think is helpful to break the keys held in the text.


    Right now I'm looking at pages 22-24, so far I have

    Dragonfly Air Group Leader
    Spider Ground Leader
    Air Force Ground Forces

    I know that's probably not the right order, but if you look at the website you'll get the logic Stadther is using.

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