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    Default EYES

    I think eyes might be a clue. In the illustrations Ana and Zac always have their eyes closed, so I decided to look in the text for references to eyes:

    Page 23 (Dragonfly) never trusted anyone he couldn't look in the eye and never knew which of the Spider's eight eyes to look into;(Spider) rolled her two largest eyes skyward
    Page 32 angry stare from several of Spider's eyes
    Page 35 human females flashed their beady eyes at Zac
    Page 42 Ana closed her eyes and listened
    Page 45 mentions Yorah's failing eyesight
    Page 49 out of the corner of Zac's eye
    Page 52 Yorah had to cross her eyes
    Page 67 Rusful's red, watery eyes
    Page 70 without opening his (Zac's) eyes; Zac opened his eyes; Pook batted his eyes
    Page 72 (Zac) saw (Ana's) eyes widen; her eyes filling with tears
    Page 73 Hummingbird was keen-eyed but speechless
    Page 74 Ana closed her eyes
    Page 81 Rusful's finger hovered inches from Ana'a eyes
    Page 85 Zac closed his eyes
    Page 88 Pook closed his eyes
    Page 90 Pook opened his eyes
    Page 93 tears streaming from Ana's eyes
    Page 94 Ana opened her almond shaped eyes
    Page 97 Dragonfly calls Spider "ungrateful eight eyes"; Ana awoke rubbing her eyes

    Maybe this can lead somewhere.

    Gail the Snail

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    very nice compilation...good work!

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