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Thread: Indicators of a nearby token?

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    Default Indicators of a nearby token?

    This should be in New Ideas, I think, but that's locked. So...

    Anyway. Masquerade had a large stone rabbit that said, pretty much "The treasure's in me" so the person would know when they found it.

    I was wondering if there's anything like that for the tokens. Example: You go someplace where you think a token is, and you enter a room with plants from the book (Wheat, strawberries, California Poppy, purple thistle, birch, etc) and pictures of ladybugs on the walls.

    Is that some kind of indicator that you're moving in the right direction? I know Mr. Stadther liked Masquerade, so...

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    It's just my opinion, but I do think we will recognize items from the book when we are close to the location. But I don't really have anything to base that on other than a hunch, and the fact we've seen some redundancy in clues already, which makes me think he'll be reaffirming our progress in other ways, too.
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