The cover of this book looks like a maze, making this book an amazing story. I haven't owned a copy of this book for a long time so I can't refer to it. Only what I can remember. I didn't get into codes too much that I can remember but I did pick up on clues that pointed toward the movies. Among them were Hitchcock, Citizen Kane, Back To The Future( the way to move forward is to look back), and Spielberg. There was a connection between Spielberg and Kane. He owned rosebud, the sled with a rose on it. Working the puzzle, I noticed how places aligned SWW and SEE. I used the symbol of lighting, the mark of cain, as a path, zigging and zagging across the country, each leg getting shorter and shorter, starting in Crater Lake then shooting across the country to Virginia? then zagging to Jackson Square and so on, back and forth and ended up on top of a gazebo in Johnson's yard. On the peak, where a weather vane would be placed, there was a small statue of a horse. The puzzle, by this time, was already over. If it wasn't the final destination iit was a helluva coincidence. Maybe a red herring. But this was the second horse I had discovered. First off, I intrepreted the page with the 'spill' on it as spill+burg(mt.)=spielberg. During the time of the puzzle, he had a television program, Amazing Stories. I watched it for potential clues and what I saw instead was the statue of the golden horse. The intro to the program flashes by quickly and I watched it quite a few times before I saw it. Zooming through an all-american living room, on top of the television(this is on screen for less than a second) there was a statue of a golden horse where the antenna would be. (rabbit ears) I never did figure out how this fit in. And I don't know if anyone else did. (see antenna-tennesee) One other thing I remember is there was a Mister Memory in Hitchcock's movie, 39 Steps. This fit in somewhere. In Back to the Future, lighting hits the clock tower at 10:04?(14). I think the puzzle had many,many red herrings.