Thanks to everyone who took an interest in my puzzle. Moscow32 has won the $50 USD prize. The solution follows.

Sea Saw

"A mystery duel was what the Aegean's two-sail race began. Hymns say it is a tale of time. My axe is skilled. Famosa shant claim them."

Now I'm lost. A beige gem?

"Shine to it? If so," said he, "six to one exacts a sky of sworn sub rosa's fifty-six. Think of a funnel full of text: Tall elves we both impugn."


The reason I became interested in this personal puzzle was somewhat out of frustration for how I'd spent the first 6 weeks on ATT. I was convinced that YNoF was a ciphertext that read like a plaintext. Wrong. But it CAN be done.

As with most puzzles of this type, the flavortext is somewhat tangential and misleading but does offer a few generic clues. There is mention of numbers and text, and sub rosa which hints at secret knowledge. The title is clearly a play on words since the blurb is a story about the sea, but Sea Saw makes you think of seesaw, the children's toy. Up and down, up and down.

So if you are going to read this up and down, you have to arrange the text such that you can read it that way. Just so happens that there are 225 letter in the text, which is a square of 15 per side, so set the letters up that way.

If you examine the 15x15 matrix reading up and down you find a clue. It was not found initially, so I offered this clue:

Web clue #1:

Phase 1:

So what does that mean?

Final answer