Should have done this when I posted 'In The Pen Of The Pig'.

I receive Ravenchase puzzles via email. I think many of you would like to work these. So I will post them all in this thread.

Here is the one I received today:

Your starter clue for the The Princeton Legends Chase can be obtained by using the following link:
Please Click Here!

Once decoded, the clue will reveal the secret start location. Please feel free to forward this email to other team members by using the forward email link below. Also, you may use other resources such as the internet and your computer to help you solve the clue. If you need a hint or some help, please contact Kristine or Rob at Don't forget to email your answer so that we know that you know where to start.

Happy Haunting!
For those of you in Philly, here is The Hunt for Jack-O's Lantern starter clue.
Please Click Here!
If you have any questions or need any help feel free to contact us at Email us with your answer so we know that you we be there on Saturday.
As an added bonus the first team to email their answers to will recieve a 10 minute bonus to their time, for those not on the chase, if you solve it first you will win two free tickets to come along!
Robert & Kristine Jenner
Ravenchase Adventures