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Thread: The Tower

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    Default The Tower

    To all Twelevers I'd like to bring your attention to a just published picture puzzle book "The Tower".

    Sixteen years in the making, "The Tower" is the sequel to a book called "Alchemy", and is very much in the tradition of intricate puzzle books like "Masquerade" and "The Merlin Mystery" (except unlike The Merlin Mystery it will be possible to solve this puzzle).

    In the book, Qwyfyx the wizard, journeys with his apprentice Simon to the top of a great tower. Along the way Qwyfyx tells the story of the vast building and of the dreams of those who built it.

    The task for the reader is to reveal, using clues hidden in the book, what the true purpose for the Tower is; and yes there are beautiful prizes. The puzzle will be running for just over a year.

    Visit the website for details and links to buy the book or email me for more info. I'll monitor this forum most days to keep things up to date.

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    Hi Qwyfyx!

    I've just bought the tower and currently in the midst of reading it. I have a question with regards to the 'alchemy' book, thought you might be able to help. i've solved quite a few of the puzzles for the alchemy book, but currently seem to be at a stuck point (and have been for a while). Do you know if there's the whole solution posted anywhere?


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