just passing this along.....

We are pleased to announce that our website QuestMystery.com has completed a rejuvination thanks to the help of webmaster JPKDesigns.com. The goal is to move away from extraneous sub-topics that we thought would draw in more site visitors. We have returned our central focus: selling books and maintaining a great Questor community.

— There is a goal set of selling 425 copies of Vegas Die prior to the release of a Major Clue. It is realistic goal as it is a drop from 900 when we initated this program. One area where we are focusing on is 80 books that are available through Amazon.com. Consider buying a copy of Vegas Die as a gift for the Holiday Season. Feel free to create interest in the book by promoting through your own internet contacts.

— Vegas Die has gone into second printing with a new page extollng 'The Rise of The Questors'. No new clues were added but we are appreciative that errors found by Questors were corrected in the revised text. The Second Printing book will be available within the week at all 'used' Las Vegas book stores that carry Vegas Die. You can also order a signed 2nd Printing through this website (but please make a notation you want a 2nd Printing). What's the big deal? Not much except it has set the number of First Edition copies that are now in the marketplace, which are not that many. If for any reason (of luck) the Author were to become more well known and you had a Signed First, there could be some collectible value. It might not be a bad idea to purchase a new copy to take the place of your dog-eared copy, and stick the new one into a protective cover and put away for a future eBay sale.

— The economy is in bad shape. In our previous website we had created Questor Merchants, who could earn money by selling copies of Vegas Die. Contact us if you have any interest.

— Author Grogan was quite active in the Vegas Valley Book Festival this year, and plans to do so next year. Look to News and Events for Festival photos. At this time future book signings are on Sundays at Borders store at McCarran Airport. The signings have been successful where Vegas Die has achieved the most sold at the book store. We are pleased to report many copies of Vegas Die going to England, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Our indirect poll, some comfort to Questors, is that most book buyers (90%) purchase because of the Vegas theme and mystery aspects rather than wanting to begin the Quest for the dagger.

— The question is always asked: "Has anyone gotten close to finding the dagger?" We have had great analytical guesses at the dagger location, though not correct, all definitely creative and displayed serious consideration of defining the hidden clues. At least two Questors seem to be heading in the right direction but took the wrong turn along the way. The Forum community provides a great deal of infomation already reviewed and discarded which would be of help to any new Questors who want to avoid duplication. From time to time we may post anonymously any Questor making an incorrect guess, again, to help other Questors from pursuing the wrong path. Please try to bring more Vegas Die readers into the realm of being a Questor. Will make it fun for all, and who knows, combined thinking, may solve the puzzle.

Have a great Holiday Season and keep Questing.
—The Administrator