I am new to this old hunt. (Well, I guess it is not too old considering "The Secret" has been around much longer.) I just received my copy of TWP yesterday.

I have read through the posts (both here and on Q4T), and have found one topic that has not been mentioned. It is the {DM} that comes at the end of each story. What I noticed about the {DM}s is that it appears after the end of each story. But it never appears on an odd-numbered page. If the story ends on an even-numbered page, the {DM} will appear below the last line of text on that page. But if the story ends on an odd-numbered page, then the {DM} will appear on the NEXT page. It always appears on the right-hand page. The only exception to this is "For the Record", which is on page 48. There is no {DM} at all after this poem.

People have also mentioned the missing page 11, and the "X" in place of 22. But what of the pages that have no numbers at all?

And in all books, the even pages are on the left, and odd pages are on the right. But since page 11 is missing in TWP, this changes the scheme of things. From page 12 and on, the even pages are on the right. Could this be significant?

Something that suprised me was the discovery of "bare the cross; leave the center; find the fruit". I didn't expect something like this to occur in this puzzle book. From what I understand about this book, the key will be found by discovering the "allusions and references embedded in the stories." (pg xii)

P.S. I posted this also on Q4T.