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    Hello everyone.

    Just wanted to thank everyone for this site.

    Also, so that people know, I try to go to the chat room once or twice a day to answer questions that people have about our book. I am usually there around 8 or 9 PM every night.

    Please do not be shy. Feel free to go into the chat room to ask me any questions about the book or rules or prizes (other than the answers or clues to the puzzles.)

    There are also probably people in there who have already purchased the book and also may have solved some of the puzzles. People have been very helpful answering people's questions if I am not there. It seems like people who have bought the book are are addicted.

    Many people have won prizes already. In fact there are many people who have more than doubled their money. The puzzles can be solved without ANY clues.

    If you want, you can feel free to send me a private message with any of your questions.

    The chat has been a great forum for people to get an incite about the book. And since I am the author, it has also provided people incite as to how I think which could be a big hint.

    People have been winning. People have been getting their checks faster than what we have stated on our website. Our turn around to get checks out has been 2 to 3 days, not 2 to 3 weeks. We are trying to do everything we can to meet and exceed everyone's expectations.

    We are trying to give these prizes away. We are going to give this house away. There are no doubts in my mind that someone is going to win it along with the large cash prize. It is not too late, THERE ARE PRIZES AVAILABLE AT EVER PUZZLE LEVEL.

    So for anyone who has had doubts about the book or the prizes, feel free to read the other posts (for the most part, they have all been positive) or to stop by and ask questions.

    As always, good luck to everyone.


    winmywpbhome.com is a book comprised of 12 puzzles. The winner will receive a home located in West Palm Beach, Florida and up to $2.5 million. There are also smaller prizes that total over $2.0 million. Good Luck to everyone.

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    Default Thanks Ken!

    Ken, It's great that you make yourself available to the chat room for all the questions that you receive. We really appreciate it. I love the idea of getting a little something back for all the hard work that I've put into a puzzle and you've made that an easy thing to do. Great puzzle book! Many thanks!

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    Default Enjoying the puzzles!

    Hey Ken,
    Just recieved 2 more checks today, Thank You!!
    I like the idea of getting a little back also snowqueen. I have more than doubled my money and if I get #6 figured out, I will have quadrupled my investment !! Not bad at all.
    Good Luck everyone!!
    Thanks again Ken,

    No question is a stupid question if you don't
    know the answer. Stupid is not asking.

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    Lin--any tip on #4?????? C'mon...help a bruther out before he goes crazy. Maybe I just need to take some time away from looking at all of these numbers!

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