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Thread: Clues On the Website

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    Default Clues On the Website

    I have also noticed that on the website:

    I don't think they would mess up on that but who knows?? If anyone has ideas please comment!!

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    Default There are clues everywhere that may give hints....

    how to solve the puzzles.

    People should look at everything that is written in the book and on the web site.

    Some clues may be subtle and others may be more obvious.

    Then there is also the clues page, where once you login with your password, the clues there will help out a lot.

    It should be noted that the puzzles are designed so that once you solve one puzzle, you should take that knowledge and what the answer says into future puzzles to help you out as you go along.

    I am sure that is no suprise to anyone who has bought the book and has solved the first bunch of puzzles though.

    We wish everyone the very best of luck.... We are going to do everything we can to try and give this house away.

    I also try to make myself available to help people out with any questions they may have. I try to go into the chat room whenever I can. We also try to answer every email....or you can feel free to send me a Private message if you do not want everyone else to know what your thoughts are. If I am able to answer the question I will.


    winmywpbhome.com is a book comprised of 12 puzzles. The winner will receive a home located in West Palm Beach, Florida and up to $2.5 million. There are also smaller prizes that total over $2.0 million. Good Luck to everyone.

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