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    Default RULES CHANGE

    Due to some concerns about people who may not be abiding by the rules, we will be making an addition to the rules which will add to the validity of our contest and will allow people who truly have solved our puzzles a fair chance as to prizes that they deserve.

    When we have updated our web site and have gone over all of the things that we need to, I will place a post with the exact rule changes.

    These rules will be of a benefit to all who try to enter our contest. It is crucial that people that deserve to win prizes be allowed to claim them without a few individuals attempting to try and "beat the system".

    I will elaborate in a few days. Please be patient while we make this update.

    So, Please refrain from making placing comments or posting on this thread until I have posted again. I would greatly appreciate it.


    winmywpbhome.com is a book comprised of 12 puzzles. The winner will receive a home located in West Palm Beach, Florida and up to $2.5 million. There are also smaller prizes that total over $2.0 million. Good Luck to everyone.

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    You can delete this if you see fit, but does anyone know what ken is talking about?


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    Don't hold Ken to this, but here's what I think he means.

    I think, for the later puzzles, you will have to show your work and maybe even "prove" that you are/were capable of doing it. This would help prevent both the use of sophisticated AI or pattern recognition software, etc., and the sharing of answers by those who have finished them.

    This is not from Ken, but it seems that some way of enforcing those rules would be necessary.

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