*****The following is a fictional account of my search for the Beetle**

Hello fellow trovers!!!

Well, after belting my trusty stuffed Pook in the seat next to me and my sister in the back, we set off for magnificent BLUE HEN SP in search of the Beetle! My sister brought lovely croissants with cheese and melted butter and cured ham. We drank coffee with blueberries, sang songs, and listened to The Doors. At the end of our seven hour trip from Philly, we were exhausted.

It was close to midnight Saturday when we reached Blue Hen. We quickly found the closest bed and breakfast, and after tossing and turning for 5 1/2 hours on thousand thread-count sheets, we broke for the park at first light. We purchased a map for a mere quarter donation at The Blue Hen Building, as horrendous and run-down a structure as you are likely to find. This would explain the blocks on Page 64, which elude to the fact that the park buildings are reminiscent of prison cell blocks.

Anyway, after dispatching some pesky squirrels (who were in our way) into the abyss of the overlook, we passed the intersection indicated by the finger of the fairy in the "I" dropcap on pg. 69. My sister immediately spotted the fallen tree on page 57. After donning the requisite gloves, I began probing the openings. I soon snagged the silver ring of the beetle token, which I brought triumphantly up just as a beam of light shot down from the tranquil canopy above. Ah, we had reached our goal!! I was King Arthur and Gollum at the same time!!!!

In joyous glee did we skip back through the forest back to our vehicle, token in hand. Then, as we stepped down the stepping stones leading us back across the river, to my horror, my sister slipped. I reached out to grab her, and as I did, the exquisite token slipped out of my hand and into the gushing river; Pook was swept away as well!

In vain did we search for the token, but we did find a damp and dirty Pook a little bit downstream from the scene of the "nimrod drop," as my sister called it. We got into a huge fight which culminated in my sister snatching Pook away from me and plunging him into the polluted blue waters of a preserve lake. At dark, we were asked to leave the riverside, and glumly complied. In shame did we return to Philly.

So I tell you, we found, but lost the token. Please help us in our appeal to Michael Stadther by writing his lawyers in support of our right to claim the Beetle at:

The Law Offices of Zac,Yorah & Kootenstoopit
3726 East Garrison Highway
White Plains, New York 05664

You'll be glad you did but sorry if you don't.

Thanks, and I wish you all the best. Don't let this happen to you. Michael Stadther, how many more lives must you ruin?