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Thread: ATT ending.

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    Default ATT ending.

    It must of been when the picture tilted
    that I first remembered my dreams
    the ones that only I can see
    but they appeared upon me
    born of skin and blood
    and before they could see me
    I had already fled.

    I ran into my mind,
    and sweated out my thoughts;
    and huddled tight with darkness,
    since darkness held no corpse.

    Slowly, the dreams crept back
    under my eyes they crept
    and when I finally opened to the light
    the dreams fled back

    Turning my mind insane, again...
    it screamed and I had to listen

    "insane, insane!" my mind screams.
    "But you can not think insane"
    "But it would be nice"
    "Just once or twice if I could remember my name."

    So I stayed in subnormal time
    and writhed and wished for the end
    of my own internal torment.

    Then as quickly as it begun
    it all began to fade
    the skeletons went back to hiding
    and I was left alone, crying.

    "insane ,insane, insane"

    I trembled
    then I knew my name

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