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Thread: YORAH & Morse Code

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    Default YORAH & Morse Code

    Hasn't anyone tackled this one yet ?? I tried searching on it,,,but didn't find any posts.

    I was looking for something regarding Morse Code in Yorah's branches, and/or in the Roof of Zac and Ana's treehouse.

    So before I post any findings, let me just ask the question. If I missed it, just point me !

    If not,,,I'll post some findings. I have not refined them. I have not anagrammed them. I WISH they had led to words popping out like MS' mushroom example in the PCB...."HIDDEN WELL"....but they did not. I BELIEVE MS does not particularly like or do unguided anagrams. I THINK there is a possibility of natural word breaks, say, where one branch crosses another, or where something in the illustration indicates such. I THINK the possibility of a Caesar shift is worth investigating. I LIKE that one decryptor that shows them all in one fell swoop - +1 thru +26. So if I don't hear otherwise....I'll post 'em.
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    Yes I believe someone tried that and failed... *ugh* I was just reading about it in another thread (try a search)
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    I tried it. The breaks dont work too well...

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