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Thread: 18 Flowers

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    Default 18 Flowers

    Ok just a thought there are 18 flowers and a golf course has 18 holes. Maybe MS is trying to tell me that I was right all along about the golf course.

    Now I just need to locate my greens cards and overlay the new flower picture. The fairies will surely point to a tree with an uncut black diamond in it!

    The Digitizer and Sons

    P.S. where did spell check go? I nead mi spel chekc!

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    Default huh?

    how many golf courses are considered public places? and not privately owned?


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    Default Black diamond

    I live in Colorado and the snow ski areas have different levels of difficulty. Black diamond runs are expert. Blue square runs are moderate and green circle runs are easy. Maybe black diamond references to a specific ski run. I don't remember any tokens being found in Aspen tree. Anyway, just a thought. It was the first thing that came to mind when I heard the Rusful token jewel was a black diamond.

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    Default golf course map

    I was wondering if the rusful page was the map. If you look at the page where he is standing in the cave in the middle of the black "puddle", the puddle looks like a lake to me. To the left of the puddle, there are some distinct oval shaped figures, all bunched together, similar to the way a golf course is laid out. It looks like there is another across the lake, or to the right of Rusful's feet. On the left side, there is a broken piece of bottle that looks like a hand, ponting to a location above the ovals.

    Am I looking into this too deep or what? I have no idea of where to find the coordinates, but this is what I found in my first few times looking at the rusful clues.

    Any thoughts?


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    i think its spilled sulfur on page 80..i saw a site where they use to collect sulfur in pots like that..someone on the official site said she anagramed something and it said to put the broken pieces back together..this page has so many ways to solve it..i tried to do the dots on his face and got nothing..hmm could it be the pieces??

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    I had stated on the ATT site that I came up with an anagram for nbc#3 that said "rearrange rusfuls pots"or "rusful spots"..however, I don't think clue 3 is meant to tell us how to solve for Rusful since he hadn't been announced as an another token until after it was released. Although nbc3 may be telling us that there is a rusful token...and possibly others.

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