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Thread: Clue 3 looks solved

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    Default Clue 3

    How about
    1-Adventure race--sp coins--now exit
    this one makes entrance and exit letters on the outside edge of the puzzle as most mazes do so I like it better than the second one for that reason.

    2-Adventure race sp coin as next elite gem
    Thought about the tokens being the size of a quarter (coin) and about the new quarter designs and wondered how many had state parks on them.
    I know that CA has Yosemite's Half Dome on it. Anyone know of others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtom
    Titled nbcsolve in 2 parts:

    "The letter block can be solved by going thru the letters similar to the maze in the companion book.  Starting at the N right below the Q and you get NO LAST ADVENTURE    RACE TWO IS NOW NEXT    ELITE GEM
    ASSURE FATE.  It does not tell where just that there is another race.  The flowers petals I believe are a crytogram with the buds separating the words.  I am still working on this part, but there are so many different codes.  All ideas welcome.  "

    Hey...it works...this is no coincidence.  It seems solved,
    If this is the message for clue 3 the first word may be "ON" LAST ADVENTURE....
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