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Thread: Pottery shards on page 80

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    Quote Originally Posted by renart
    there is a lot hidden in the art
    I'll say.

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    Hi, Chris. I was afraid your love/hate relationship with ATT had finally registered a permanent casualty in the wounded column.

    I, too, was dismayed by the cavalier dismissal of page 37, and posted my grievance. I also surmise that perhaps MS is unwilling to disclose all of his secrets, and is saving some of his methods for a repeat in his Alchemist Dar. I'm glad to see you're back posting. For what it's worth, I will always count your cover poem as legitmate. There's no way I will ever doubt it. I most recently looked at it yesterday. There's no doubt about it. One day I hope to bring Mr. Stadther to task about his dismissal (which, by the way, includes the bee in the upper right corner).

    This morning I added Starz to my DirecTV, so I'll be watching National Treasure and MS' speech. Ought to be interesting.

    I'll mirror page 80 in the manner you suggest. Meanwhile, I'll drop you a post about exactly what I've been doing on this page. I believe it's a solution page, and that the shards are a key. On the other hand, the trees on the border of page 16 are likewise compelling, and I've not been able to make headway there, either. Maybe it'll all come clear tonight on Starz.


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