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Thread: Partenership fell through with California still need someone

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    Default Partenership fell through with California still need someone

    CaliforniaRed, unfortunately was unable to continue with the parternership with me to get Rusful, I still need someone asap that is willing to sign a contract and go get the token for me. Please respond asap I want to get someone on this before the new clue comes out, that clue will probably get everyone in a footrace. Someone within the following states CA,NV,UT,OR in that general area.

    California, I'm sorry you wasn't able to continue with getting rusful for me.

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    Just so other Trovers don't read too much into your post, I thought I'd let them know why I removed myself. Essentially, I had commitments that limited my search time to one day. Took me a day to realize my schedule wasn't as flexible as expected.

    Assuming your solution was accurate, I might find the Rusful token in that timeframe. If I didn't, I would expect more from a partnership if I were in your shoes. I couldn't meet my own expectation, so I'd rather not bear the burden.

    Also, you may have intentionally or inadvertently limited by geographic search with some of your comments. I will not use or convey that infomation unless I can substantiate it with my own findings. Others may play differently, I don't.

    Good luck in your quest for another partner. Who knows, the shoe may be on my foot next time.



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