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Thread: Purpose of Starz Clues?

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    Default Purpose of Starz Clues?

    What was the purpose of releasing the Starz clues one week at a time if they were smae clue with more and more filled in every time? It would be one thing if there were for different clues, but seeing as how they are the same...why not just do it once and get it over with?


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    Many reasons.

    A) MS wanted to drag it out as long as possible, more publicity for him and his next book, and Starz was all for it, meant more money for them.

    B) Instead of a giant jigsaw puzzle, it's better to do it in chunks.

    C) Each clue has a new message in it, so it's better to take this clue one page at a time.

    D) Drag out ATT as long as possible. More publicity for MS and Secrets of the Alchemist Dar.

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    only one reason,
    to bug the heck out of us...

    lol, bug, hehe, no pun intended.


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    I think maybe they are the same clue, being the first one released would have been the hardest and the last the easiest. That's my theory on that. Dunno for sure
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    I think that the "crosses" will have to be put into a certain shape or order and that, from there, the text will read in a straightforward manner. Why the adding of letters to the puzzle? Well, my guess is that even if someone were to have figured out the puzzle in week one, they would have to fill-in-the-blanks of the missing letters. Each week, the added letters would allow the solver to get closer to the entire text without guessing the missing letters. Just my opinion!

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