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Thread: It's all Greek to me: Missing Link in Rusful Solution?

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    Default It's all Greek to me: Missing Link in Rusful Solution?

    Here's my thought on the missing link between the center letters of the Starz crosses and putting them in an order to point to Golden Gate Park (other than brute force anagramming.) Mind you, I haven't figured out a way to make this work -- just don't have the time to put into it -- but perhaps some of the more determined trovers out there can make a connection.

    Early on in the hunt many noticed the lower case Greek letter delta in the acorns at the bottom of page 52, and the Greek letter pi in the drop cap on page 55. I'm sure (although I never saw it posted) some people also caught that the "letter in the dust" on page 20 was not an "i" or an "r" or a backwards "L" but rather a Gamma, which is mirrored in the shape of the large tree on that same page.

    This got me looking for the entire Greek alphabet throughout the book, not knowing where it may lead. Few of the other finds are as concrete, but for better or worse, it's easy to find patterns when you're looking for them -- the multiple "Psi"s on page 66, the handwritten version of "phi" explaining the strange swirl on the right side of page 69, and of course, the letters that look the same as Roman letters at the beginnings of chapters such as A, Z, B, etc. I'll leave the rest for trovers who want to drive themselves a little more crazy.

    Anyway, the modern Greek alphabet has exactly 24 letters -- the same number as the letters in the Rusful clue. Could this be a way to get the order without anagramming? Could the Greek letters be a map to a future clue? Could this just be a personal homage to Stadther's wife Helen who is of Greek heritage?

    And while I'm spilling what few beans I have left, has anyone found a use for the PACKGAPE you get from applying the 5X5 grid to the vines on the text frame on page 69?
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    No use at all- but PACKGAPE also anagrams to ACE GAP (PK). There is an Ace Gap hiking trail in The Great Smokey Mountain National Park in Cades Cove.

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